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Found a Hacker

Hello! I'm Brazilian, so my english isn't my best language, but anyway... I was playing like 10 minutes ago in 2 teams mode, (21:10 PM GMT -3) and i found a hacker. I know that cheat engine was blocked, and it's impossible to upgrade to full status in every status, but he was full and I'll explain. I'm not newbie at this game, and I play at least for 1 year. He was a level 45 overlord. What's the problem? His drones were full at all stats, because they were VERY fast, 7 points for speed and drone health. He upgraded at reload too (that's not normal in a Overlord), because when I killed his 8 drones in one shot, he spawned they again in less then 1 second. The drones were very strong also (only 2 killed me very fast), so 7 more points at drone damage. He was running very fast, at least 6 or 7 points at movement speed. So, ok, maybe at this point it seems to be just a good build. So I made a Landminer (I love to kill first place overlord haha). I was looking for the "leader", and I found a good place for hide. Then, he sent his drones away and came in my direction. I thought: thats the time. Surprise!!! But for me! When i hit the first time with 10 at body damage, 10 at health and movement, my hp was like in 1/2, and he 1/3 O.o. Full drone stats, very fast (he ran almost in my speed) and full HP regen and HP, and Body damage. Then the drones came back and killed me. His name was Skyline, i was [BR]Scripted in the room. IDK if thiis can help you, but that's my history. PS: sorry my bad english, it's my best.
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