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Diep.io Quest RPG

Welcome, heroes, to your quest in this Diep.io world! The quest is to save the world from being destroyed by an unknown force of power and destruction. So, it's dangerous to go alone. Take this wooden sword to start. You will get a better weapon later. Go on, fellow adventurer. Make new friends, beat dungeons and save the world from this terrible being. Good luck!

To start your adventure, please follow my instructions. First, you have to give an upvote to this post. Second, edit your character using 40 points. Exemple, I want a tank like this:
Power: 15
Defense: 15
Mana: 0 (You will need mana when you use magic. My exemple is about some kind of barbarian tank without magic tricks or something like that)
Speed: 10
You will get more points when you evolve. The maximum level is 50. Remember to always keep up with the updates of this adventure. The world will need all of you to save the world from destruction and despair. If you have mana, you can learn magic tricks. After this, you are ready to go on your adventure.

When you will be ready to go on your adventure, you can start to grind innocent polygons and even other tanks to get EXP and Tankits! No polygon will get hurt by this Disscusion. You can also go in the arena to battle other players. Losing won't remove you anything, in the arena. But, If you win, you get a medal. Medals are used to access hard challenges (Nothing else). If you die, you have to pay 50 gold and you have to restart your quest/what you were doing.
Stone sword: 50 gold (+2 damage)
Leather Armor: 40 gold (+1 defense)
Inn. Ticket (Regenerate your Health and Mana): 20 gold
More coming soon!

Tidal Wave: 10(+1)/12/12/11
Level: 2
Equipement: Wooden Sword (+1)
Armor: None
Magic Tricks: Smoke Bomb, Wall up
Gold: 20
4 27