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We made it lads

Today marks the day, one year ago, that our Founder MrMewshmallow created our Wiki. We’ve grown from fright, to light, to highs, to lows, & back now over greener pastures, our river flows.

Diep.io, the game we all love, has gone from a few basic tanks to over fifty; game modes expanded, contracted, & evolved; the mechanics themselves changed. If you were to play the game in June 2016, & compared it to today, it would be starkly different; even the aesthetics have changed.

So too, has our Wiki. Leadership has changed hands, old friends have come & gone, & new faces continue to arrive. We have tried many methods of ruling ourselves, discarding old ways which failed us in exchange for ones which have been approved of & stood the test of time. Even this medium, Discussions, is new, & eventually the Forum that has been with us since our inception will pass into memory, as our Wiki marches onward.

Yet we will remember. We don’t look the same, we don’t operate the same, we AREN’T the same; but we will remember what we were.

To that end, I began the History Project, & the users chose what our History would be called. It would also be fitting, then, that they write our History as one. I cannot write it all (& indeed others have already helped), nor would it be right for me to release only my biased point of view. I wanted to release a finished product for everyone today, to unveil perfection to satisfy all, but I cannot do that.

What I can offer you, is a work-in-progress. It will never be perfect, because our History does not stop today. It will always need to be added to, shored up, & worked on in pursuit of higher quality…

…just like our Wiki.

We are not finished. We have games to play, feats to accomplish, contests to compete in, & victories to place under our belts. I say we keep working on our History, our Wiki, that we keep growing, so that the sun will never set on this place we’ve worked so hard to build. I say we build something that can stand the test of time, & laugh in its face if it tries to daunt us. We’ve made it one year lads, lets make it two!
About Welcome again to the Diep.io Wikia, a collaborative community with a WAM rank of 28 at our peak! This is the unofficial database for the all information regarding the browser game Diep.io, a game reminiscent of the likes of Agar.io and Slither.io. In this game however, you control a tank that must travel around destroying shapes and other players strewn across the map to gain XP so you can level up, upgrade into stronger tank types, and ultimately dominate the leaderboard! Are you ready to... Diep.io Wikia
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