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'Return of Panzer' Month Schedule

As you all know, this month will conclude the story of The Tale of Diep (supposedly), and a new one will (supposedly) begin after it. As such, I have laid out the schedule for this massive event, as it will bring with it much story, plot twists, betrayals, and conceptions. It is obviously split into four weeks, as 28 days separate February 21st and March 21st.

Contents[show]Week 1: Archprophet's Gamble
Day 1: The Ritual Begun (Tuesday, Feb 21st)
Day 2: Changed Archprophet Spawn and Reaching (Wednesday, Feb 22nd)
Day 3: Tower of Gladii Gamemode Creation (Thursday, Feb 23rd)
Day 4: Off Day (Friday, Feb 24th)
Day 5: Off Day (Saturday, Feb 25th)
Day 6: Fortress Mode Revamp (Sunday, Feb 26th)
Day 7: BIG SECRET 1: THE TRUTH (Monday, Feb 27th)
Week 2: Scroll of Revelations
Day 8: Final Sons... (Tuesday, Feb 28th)
Day 9: Off Day (Wednesday, March 1st)
Day 10: Glimpse of Panzer (Thursday, March 2nd)
Day 11: The Second Witness (Friday, March 3rd)
Day 12: Off Day (Saturday, March 4th)
Day 13: Power to the Prophet (Sunday, March 5th)
Day 14: BIG SECRET 2: THE AVATAR (Monday, March 6th)
Week 3: Mad Science
Day 15: Countdown Begins (Tuesday, March 7th)
Day 16: I Have Awoken (Wednesday, March 8th)
Day 17: Extermination- War Machine II (Thursday, March 9th)
Day 18: Off Day (Friday, March 10th)
Day 19: Off Day (Saturday, March 11th)
Day 20: The Lab (Sunday, March 12th)
Day 21: BIG SECRET 3: THE IDENTITY (Monday, March 13th)
Week 4: Last Hour
Day 22: Banners Rise (Tuesday, March 14th)
Day 23: Wrapping Up Event Gamemodes (Wednesday, March 15th)
Day 24: The Realm (Thursday, March 16th)
Day 25: Off Day (Friday, March 17th)
Day 26: Off Day (Saturday, March 18th)
Day 27: BIG SECRET 4: THE OMEGA (Sunday, March 19th)
Day 28: BIG SECRET 5: PANZER? (Monday, March 20th)
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