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• 11/4/2018
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• 10/21/2018

Steamliner buff

Might the steamliner have been buffed secretly?

Normally, as the overlord/overseer I could take down a steamliner without cautiousness.

These days its still pretty easy. But the victory is not as flawless as it used to be...
Sometimes I do even lose more than half of my health. It also looks like that the drones are penetrated better than they ussually did.
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• 10/20/2018

Weird tag mode

If you don't die from the Area closer you'll get teleported back to the menu. I was at a corner in tag mode
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• 10/19/2018

Green Pentagon!!!

I found a green pentagon in 4-TDM. I recieved 14,200 XP, although it is most likely a little less because I probably destroyed some crashers, too.

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• 10/17/2018

mobile and pc

Mobile is just not being updated PC is always.So please update moblie is be great.
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• 10/5/2018

Tank tree

What tanks do i have to use to get the mega smasher
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• 8/28/2018


Which tank is the most powerful and has few weaknesses?
Just tell me in the comments.
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• 8/20/2018

Overlords facing eachother

Do you recognise it?
Youre an Overlord and you see several other tanks and one of them is an enemy overlord. But the first thing that overlord does is attacking you, always, why is that?

What's going on between two overlords.
Why do they need to attack their own kind first?
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• 8/19/2018


i never use bullet fighter and never will but i'm best in world at ram fighter.
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• 8/18/2018


Could someone make me a Navbox please? So I could put my tanks on it. I've seen a lot of people have one but I don't know how to make it.
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• 8/5/2018


okay, so I was playing the mock-up of arras right? I chose the overlord with a max reload, bullet speed, and bullet health. I moved my drones to kill a clump of squares when the squares and drones started flying everywhere XDDDDD. It's kinda like the smasher colliding bug.
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• 8/2/2018

Arras Updates

Turns out the Auto Overseer is no longer HC Exclusive, and also The Conqueror is gonna need an Image Upgrade (I can do that)
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• 8/1/2018


Happy 2 years of Auto Gunneriness anniversary! On this day, 2 years ago, the coolest looking tank in the game was added.
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• 7/20/2018

The Graphics: Arras.Io

Is it just me, or is that the graphics make it look more past-esque. It gives me a picture of, but before the bright graphics. I still think it's still underrated for a clone though. :)
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• 7/9/2018 is Basically dead.

Well, It has been around 3 MONTHS Without an Update. This has annoyed me. has had a big chunk of updates, but... well... I guess I should say that is basically... DEAD. I am just... thinking... to move on to arras. Sorry yall.
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• 7/4/2018

What advantage does Fighter have other other Tri-Angle tanks?

This is mainly for The named BOSS so I hope he comes and sees this. This is also in the category because it has arras tanks.
Anyways, let's get on describing what I mentioned in the title!

What advantage does Fighter have over the Booster and Falcon?
While Booster and Falcon will always succumb or have to run away from rammer tanks, Fighter can stay and use the side cannons. Despite the Falcon's sniper cannon, the Smasher will approach and eventually back the Falcon into a corner, killing it.

What advantage does the Fighter have over the Auto Tri-Angle?
The Fighter has side cannons that are stronger than an auto turret. Also, if a player decides to hold the downwards key, turning tri-Angle branches into bullet spammers, No tanks other than Fighter can defend itself. See surfer for an argument

What advantage does Fighter have over surfer?
Surfer has drones. That's great, but when you consider that they are BATTLESHIP DRONES, you might... want to think twice. Finally, the Falcon (but more specific)

What advantage does the Fighter have over the Falcon?
The Falcon has a Sniper cannon. This means that it cannot be turned into a bullet spammer. Arguably the worst of Tri-Angle tanks, outclassed by Booster.

What advantage does the Fighter have over the bomber?
Traps firing from the back are almost useless.
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• 7/2/2018

Sandbox Server

Join now. No rules just play around. My name is Lucky13
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• 6/20/2018


In, i decided to race all tri-angle branch tanks. They all have the build 3021888800. I raced from 1 end of a mothership arena to the other. Unfortunately i cannot upload videos here, and not on discord either as it is 27.8 MB for one of them.
Fighter : 22 seconds
Booster: 21 seconds
Falcon : 22 seconds
Bomber: 24 seconds
Auto Tri-Angle= 23 seconds
Surfer: 23 seconds
I watched each video frame by frame to verify it.
Also if u know how to upload a video i would be able to show u guys
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• 6/17/2018

Quad Tank and Booster

Recently, something happened. When I was playing Fighter vs Booster, the Booster's front cannon was outpenetrating my Front cannon. I swear that Booster got a very secret buff.
It's not just Booster that may have been buffed. Quad Tank is now cancer compared to last week and It is impossible to defeat even a noob Quad Tank.
Is the dev still active?
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• 6/11/2018

Why Fighter is the best tank

OK guys, today I will be literally typing a wall of text about why Fighter is the best tank.

Why did I post this?
On discord, I am constantly arguing with others who think Fighter is bad, or at most decent. DECENT?

Why is Fighter the best?
It has strong bullets for the front and side cannons, fast movement speed and the same body damage as most tanks. As mentioned on the Fighter page, the front cannon is as strong as the Basic tank's, and the Basic tank has the 6th strongest bullets in the game. The Fighter can kill the target IMMEDIATELY in 50% of cases, and in other cases, it can hit and run until it is victorious.

What is the recommended build?
I use 0/0/5/0/7/7/7/7. This build is semi ram, as glass cannon is weak against rammers and tanks with high DPS. Rammers, on the other hand, are weak against bullet spammers like the Twin.

I hope you learn from this wall of text that Fighter is the best. This is aimed mainly at Captain Hayden, Banarama and Puff, but I think that everyone can learn from this.
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