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Discussions are not a chat room, they are a Forum. Please use the on-site chat or join the Wiki Discord if you want to have quick, direct chat sessions:



1. Discussions must be of quality; conversations that consist of inane chatting, other languages, unintelligible English, & any other forms of gobbledygook are subject to deletion. Conversations that stray off topic from the original post are subject to thread locking to prevent further derailment. Instead, conversations should contain insightful, complete thoughts that are inviting for new users to dive in.

2. Post in the correct Categories.

3. No personal attacks, on any grounds. There is a thin level of tolerance for jokes, but that’s up to Moderators’ discretion.

4. Alternate accounts, tolerated or no, aren’t allowed in Discussions. If found, they will be banned permanently.

Failure to comply with these four rules will result in your posts being deleted (or moved to appropriate Categories), & a warning will usually be issued. The rules are ordered by severity; breaking rule four results usually in a short ban, whereas increasing numbers of warnings may be given for the lighter infractions before a ban is levied. Repeated infractions will lead to longer bans.



1. Tanks
Anything to do with tanks.

2. Special Tanks/Shapes
Polygons, Bosses, & other Special Tanks (Dominator, et cetera).

3. Gameplay Mechanics
Found some oddity in gameplay or bug? This is a good place for it.

4. Strategies & Builds
Self explanatory; if you’re brainstorming builds, or debating strategies, this is the right category to discuss it.

5. Party Links & Events
Organizing group parties, meetups, tournaments, et cetera can be accomplished here ahead of time.

6. General
Anything strictly related to the game Diep.io, that does not fall into any of the above Categories.

7. Arras.io (Diep2.io)
Hyped about the newly released Arras.io? Share it here!

8. Conceptions & Fanon
A place for theoretical Tank ideas, stories, Tale of Diep, et cetera.

9. Wiki Business
Anything related to the Wiki itself, including Discussions in general & the Community App.

10. Off-Topic
For the present we will allow the Off-Topic Category to exist for conversations (read; not forum games) that are RELATIVELY unrelated to Wikia or the browser game we cover. However, it would be GREATLY PREFERRED if the bulk of the topics were at least loosely attached to these things, as it will encourage the Admins to keep the Off-Topic Category around for longer.

11. Archive
This Category is for Mods only. It exists as a place for locked & deleted posts to be archived.


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