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The Necromancer is one of the best tanks on TDM in my opinion

I think the Necromancer one of the best tanks on TDM because people can protect you when you dont have Squares. Although i think Overlord is somewhat better since it relies more on itself. The reason why i think Overlord relies more on itself is because it can spawn drones by itself without collecting Squares.
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I agree wholeheartedly. I think Necro is better in 2 Teams because it can kill an overlord by overwhelming its drones (unless it has speed to escape), & it can bring more power to bear than an overlord without the usual risks in other game modes that occur when you run low on drones, since you can retreat to base or behind allies.
Speaking of tanks, I think the new unnamed destroyer tank should be called the Rocket Launcher
We actually have a thread where you can brainstorm ideas for its name! Check it:
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I think the necromancer is somewhat powerful because of it being buffed and being able to summon more drones, but the overlord is better because, you could kill some drones, back away, go back and keep doing that until there's no more necro drones, then kill it tank itself. Since it's easier to summon drones with the overlord, the overlord is definitely better. Retreating to your base or having other tanks protect you does not matter at all, any tank could have that advantage.
True, but a Necromancer is only weak in its defense; being susceptible to the tactics you outlined. It’s offense is not flawed at all, & can usually overwhelm & kill Overlords unless they have enough movement speed to get away & start picking off the Necro Drones. The path of retreat to the Base & the availability of other tanks to hide behind allows the Necro to have a good defense, in addition to its superior offense.
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