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A newly-spawned player in a 2 Teams battle. Note the Summoner has spawned.

For the the four teams version, see 4 Teams.
For the the old and removed version, see Team Deathmatch.

2 Teams, or Two Teams, is a game mode in, where players work in two opposing teams rather than fighting against each other individually. This game mode has regular EXP gain and is one of the two versions of the expired Team Deathmatch.




The map that is shown in the 2 Teams game mode.

Main article: Base

The player can either spawn in the blue Base that takes up the left side of the arena, or the red Base that takes up the right side of the arena. This determines their team, and they duke it out in the middle. Players of one team cannot shoot into the opposing team’s Base, as enemy bullets are instantly destroyed upon contact with it,no matter how strong are the bullets (except arena closers). Players also cannot enter the enemy team’s Base, as they will be instantly stopped, attacked by protectors and will begin taking rapid and high damage bursts against the invisible wall.


  • The blue strip located on the left marks the spawning area for tanks on the Blue team (Unless there is a Factory, as Players can spawn out of Factories on their team)
  • The red strip located on the right marks the spawning area for tanks on the Red team (Unless there is a Factory, as Players can spawn out of Factories on their team)


The players are divided into two teams, which are red and blue. Tanks of the same team can't kill each other and can only kill players on the enemy team, bullets that fired by a tank on your team will go through you and if you touch a tank on your team as well, you will push or bump into it.


The Base areas are defended by Protectors, tiny triangles (which are even smaller than Triangle Drones and Red Triangles) with a large amount of health. They will chase down any player from theopposing team, but will turn back after straying too far from their base.

A group of 2 base Protectors and a Tank

There are 15 groups of 2 Protectors spread over each team’s Base. Each group is circling around its own area, so the whole Base can be protected.

The Protectors will not leave their team’s zone unless an opponent is within proximity. Protectors continue to seek until any opponent is out of range. Although there consists methods of evasion, the simplest of which is to run until you're out of range from the Protectors.

Arena Closing

The arena will close if any one of the following requirements are met:

  • is being updated/changed.
  • A certain number of player kills has been attained.
  • If one team has been dominating the Scoreboard for long enough. All 10 slots have to be filled by this team before the countdown begins.


  • Before the September 18th update, this game mode and 4 Teams were merged and only known as Team Deathmatch (TDM for short). Players would be taken to a random server with either 2 or 4 teams.


  • Commonly players stop moving altogether once on the leader board, and their bullet recoil pushes them into a corner. Any tank with drones, then, will be able to right-click push the drones all the way across the map, behind the enemy base, and into the opponent. This is a quick way to get to level 45 and to clean up the leader board.
    • Also works in 4 Teams mode.
  • New players to the game should start with this mode, and stay relatively close to the base.
  • It is relatively easy to become leader in this game mode as there are players that can be relied on for protection and a completely safe Base to retreat to.
  • Besides 4 Teams, this is considered the second easiest Game Mode, due to that there is lots of players for protection and a Base that prevents enemies and the objects they spawn in the Base. Domination has claimed to be the easiest due to that the enemy team focuses more on winning the game than killing players.
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