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When a game ends, be it Free For All, Domination, or any other game mode, the server closes and nobody else can join. During this time, Arena Closers will spawn outside the map and go into the map and kill any players in and out of their sight, any players who die while the arena is closed will be reconnected to a new server or rejoin to the renewed server after death.

Why Servers Close

Free For All: It is unknown why servers close in FFA, but many suspect that it is because:

  • 1: Not enough players are on the server, so it redirects them to one that has more players.
  • 2: The server is too full, and it starts to lag.
  • 3. There is a new update and the game needs to be refreshed.
  • 4. Recycling, retiring, or re-designation of a server.

Survival: The game ends when there is only one player left in the server and all other players have been eliminated.

2 Teams or 4 Teams: The game ends when the scoreboard has been dominated by one team for a set amount of time. This time is currently unknown.

Domination: The game ends when all four Dominators have been claimed by one team. Once this happens, the arena closes and brings the players to a new server. The second way for it to happen is when the dominators were not captured for a set amount of time (believed between 20 and 10 minutes).

Mothership (Removed): The game ends once one of the teams’ Mothership is destroyed. This is very similar to Domination, save for the condition that causes it to close - because of this, the game mode lasts a very short time.

Tag Mode: The game ends when a team kills all the players from the other teams.

Sandbox: The game ends when the host of a server is gone for 10 minutes.

Maze: The game ends when the server time reaches 5 hours.


  • Five game modes have win conditions that cause the server to close: 2 teams/4 teams, Domination, Mothership, Tag, and Survival. Currently four since the Mothership game mode was removed.
    • The other ones end for reasons unknown (apart from new updates). The reasons for Free For All are just guesses and are not actually confirmed, as of now.
    • There are possibly more ways that Sandbox closes that are yet to be found.
  • After players are killed by Arena Closers, without pressing anything, they will be redirected to another server.
  • The main reason Arena Closers have become so notorious is for their invincibility and insane damage while cleaning out closed servers is because of the fact that they are fully upgraded.
  • Many players tend to dislike Arena Closing, as they lose all of their levels - making their work a waste - and they are forced to restart to reach their level again. However, the levels are kept in Free For All and Team Deathmatch.
  • As shown in the picture below, in Free For All and Team Deathmatch, when there are less than 10 tanks left that haven’t been killed by the Arena Closers, the Scoreboard shows only the remaining tanks, regardless of their mass.
  • If an arena is closed in Sandbox and the player has god mode on, it is impossible to be killed by the Arena Closers. Also, since the arena closers follow the player, they can essentially control it.
  • If you manage to escape death after arena was closed for long, you will simply get kicked from the server.


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