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The Auto 4 (also called Auto Tank in-game) is a removed Tier 4 tank that upgraded from the Gunner and cannot upgrade further. Released on August 2nd, 2016, it was removed later that day, in the update that added the Auto 3 and Auto 5.


The Auto 4 features a circular body with four Auto Turrets evenly spaced around the tank. These turrets slowly rotate with the tank when moving or not, similar to the Auto Smasher.


The Auto 4 was extremely similar to the Auto 3 and the Auto 5, but had four Auto Turrets instead of three or five. Its Turrets’ positions make it possible to aim with two Turrets at one target. There was no default change to the bullet stats.


  • When the Auto 4 was implemented the game, Auto Spin wasn’t yet implemented, making the Auto 4 the first automatically rotatable tank.
  • It is one of the shortest-lived playable tank in the game, but the Ball lived for four hours and the Mounted Turret lived for a few minutes, making it the third shortest living tank.
  • The reason why it has been removed may be the fact that it was too weak for Tier 4, so the creator replaced it with the Auto 3 and the Auto 5.
  • This tank is one of the few tanks unable to be used or obtained in Sandbox since it was released before Sandbox.
  • This Is the first tank that has been pulled into two tanks.
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