Auto Fire is a feature that was added on the June 1st, 2016 update. It can be used by any tank. The feature is activated by pressing E on the keyboard and is deactivated the same way.


It allows the player to continuously fire bullets without the need to click their mouse or press space. There is a heading near the top of the screen that notifies the player that Auto Fire has been turned on/off when the E key is pressed.

If you are a class that uses Drones, Overseer, Overlord, Manager or Necromancer, Auto-Fire will cause your drones to continually follow your mouse pointer. Shift (or right-click) will still make them fly away from your cursor, even with Auto-Fire on. This does not happen with the Battleship, however, as firing is required to summon Drones. Right-click doesn't work either.


Auto Fire can be useful when playing as a fast shooting tank, where it doesn't matter when you shoot a bullet (this works great with Octo tank with Auto spin activated). However, when you're playing as a slow shooter such as the Destroyer and you need to time your bullets perfectly, Auto-Fire can work against you instead of helping. It can also reveal where you are, which is especially bad if you are a Stalker or if you are trying to run away from someone else. If you are in TDM and you have to go away from the game for a while, turn on Auto-Fire (E) and Auto-Spin (C) in your safe zone, and you will rack up points and levels very slowly but surely, so if you come back later (as long as no one has pushed you out of the safe zone or has killed you), you could be level 45 with doing little work. this method does, however, remove any source of Experience for other tanks(especially if you're a high leveled tank) which can come back affect you negatively later.


  • Auto Fire was a common feature in hack clients before the developers officially added it.
  • Repeatedly turning Auto Fire on and off can lead to different firing patterns for certain tanks like the Twin or the Streamliner.
  • Invisible Tanks, namely the Landmine and Manager, used to be unable to turn invisible when auto fire was turned on. However this has been patched. However, the last invisible tank which fires bullets, the Stalker, will be unable to turn invisible if Auto Fire is on.
  • Auto Turrets will still automatically fire if Auto Fire is off.
  • The Trapper Dominator is the only tank that has Auto Fire on passively, and turning it on and off has no effect on it.



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