The Auto Gunner is one of the three current Upgrade choices from the Gunner and one of the two current upgrade choices from the Auto 3. It can be selected at Level 45 and cannot upgrade further.

Design Edit

The Auto Gunner features a circular base with four small Barrels in the front; the outermost two are significantly shorter, and they are placed slightly under the main ones, which makes them look twice as thin as the middle Barrels. It also has an Auto Turret that automatically fires Bullets at anything that comes into its Field of View.


Upon Upgrading:

  • The Auto Gunner gains an additional Auto Turret.
  • Stats are changed, depending on the class upgraded from.

Strategy Edit

As the Auto Gunner Edit

  • This tank is best played similarly to the Gunner, because it’s simply a Gunner with a Turret placed on top of it.
  • With the addition of the Auto Turret, Auto Gunners can now focus on one target while the Auto Turret is helps by either adding more firepower, shooting someplace else to defend the Auto Gunner from enemies flanking the player, or farming for it.
  • This tank is very effective against rammers. Despite the small bullets, they may easily even take down a Spike with build 3/10/10/10 or a Booster with build 5/7/7/0/0/0/7/7 if Bullet stats are high.
  • The Auto Gunner is very susceptible to Rangers and other long ranged tanks. With their larger FoV, they can snipe the player without warning. Not even the Auto Turret can scope them. The only solution is to either dodge and escape or try to defeat the Ranger by shooting in its general direction.
  • It’s important to face where the Auto Turret goes. It may not prioritize targets well, but it is an extra Cannon, which can make a significant difference in Penetration, Damage, and total Bullets fired.
  • The Auto Gunner is a good choice for Survival, as the high RoF and the Auto Turret can kill most players from leveling up to strong counter tanks like the Overlord or Sprayer.
  • Against a Penta Shot or a Spread Shot, the player should try to get close to its body as the player's concentrated stream of bullets can easily penetrate and hit the opponent. Of course, the player should not attempt this while low on health.

Against the Auto Gunner Edit

  • An Overlord, Manager or Overseer can work very well against the Auto Gunner. Due to the Auto Gunners low Bullet Penetration, one of these tanks could simply crash through the bullets with their drones and hit the opponent. Caution is advised in case the Auto Gunner should survive the initial attack, as they can continue to rapidly fire back.
  • Players can use a Ranger or any tank in the Sniper class, since Snipers have a larger FoV than the Auto Gunner and the Auto Turret, which allows the player to damage the Auto Gunner from afar.
  • The Destroyer branch is effective against an Auto Gunner, as the huge bullet is strong enough to gatebreak the Auto Gunner’s. However, the Auto Gunner bullets travel very fast and potentially reach the Destroyer branch, so it is best to flank it. Before striking, it is advised to wait until the Auto Turret aims at somebody else then use it’s recoil to boost in to quickly kill the Auto Gunner.
  • The Sprayer has a high chance of defeating an Auto Gunner. Due to the Sprayer’s bullets having higher Penetration and a larger spread, the Sprayer may block the tiny bullets while a few stray bullets may skim the sides of the Auto Gunner, dealing high damage. The Triplet is also a good choice, although it may not work out that well if the Auto Gunner has max Bullet Speed, since some stray Bullets can possibly reach the Triplet and deal damage.

History Edit

AutoGunner Icon3

Green upgrade theme (upgrading from Auto 3)

  • Until a significant update (which also slightly buffed the Auto Gunner), the Auto Gunner’s turret did not target DominatorsPolygons, or Crashers. Before the update, its Bullets were the same as the normal Gunner and the Auto Turret only attacked enemies within half of the Auto Gunner’s FoV (Field of Vision).



The Auto Turret is not shooting at the Dominator.

  • The Auto Trapper and Auto Smasher are the only Classes with an Auto Turret that works like the Auto Gunner’s.
  • The Auto Gunner was the first Class to use an Auto Turret.
  • On the first few hours of the November 19th update, players could control the Auto Turret of the Auto Gunner and other Tanks that used Auto Turrets. This feature was swiftly removed shortly after release, but has been found on other Auto Tanks, prior to the features removal.
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