• GellyPop

    "It shoots and rams, mostly both at a time." ~ Gelly's tagline on Auto Smasher

    The Auto Smasher, a level 45 tank known for delivering a new way of strategy it brings upon (despite it not being announced on a Changelog), isn't just what you think as an underrated tank. While many somewhat think it as a waste in the game of, it still got something to prove...

    As you probably know it, the Auto Smasher is a successor of, well, Smasher. Upon upgrading to it, an auto turret pops out on its body. What does that means? You got projectiles again. This time, though, you cannot control where you can fire bullets. Plus, bullet-related stats are back, with a capacity of 10 points each, making it the tank with…

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Want to know more about bots, how to create one, and how to operate it? Hopefully, this will answer your questions.

    A bot, in its most basic form if possible, Admin rights increase a bot’s functionality, allowing it to use some of the restricted scripts I list below.

    So now you’ve got a bot. But what can you do with it?

    1. Log into your bot’s account.
    2. Look at the bottom of your screen. You should see a menu across the bottom.
    3. Click either on My Tools, MassEdit, or MassCreate. If you click on My Tools, then click on the application you wish to use.
    4. Use your application and enjoy!

    The applications are listed below with a brief description.

    • post a list of pages you want to delete and watch as they are quickly dispatched.
      append or prepend content to a l…

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Seriously. Source Editor is infinitely better than Visual Editor. Don't believe me? Read on.

    I used to be a Visual Editor-only kinda guy, clicking the Source Editor button on occasion to add templates and whatnot. After all, I only knew a little bit of wikitext and found Visual Editor "easier to understand." And then one day I realized told me I should use Source Editor and I decided I would give it a try. After a few weeks of usage, I found that he was right:

    1. It's faster. Instead of having to go to Source for a template, then back to resume editing, you're already in Source! This makes it way easier to add tags, links, templates, images, and a host of other things. It's also easier to pick out errors, such as external links (where internal …

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  • Electro7101

    Factory vs X (Guide)

    October 3, 2017 by Electro7101

    • Strong Against: If Skilled the Factory can beat any class in a one-on-one battle.
    • Weak Against: However its limited Speed and Range makes the class quite vulnerable to Teams and groups of enemies. Any tanks considerably faster than 7 Movement Speed can ignore the Factory altogether.

    “Players should keep Drones to themselves at all times

    When they’re not attacking anyone; moving with the drones in Star-Formation will protect the players from incoming projectiles whilst also hidind their bullets (and thus their location) from enemies.

    “The drones have a rather low speed for drones, but they still make for a pretty strong force, both offensively and defensively (especifically in close-range); their capacity to ejecute both actions decreases the fur…

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  • Captain Hayden

    New Diep Discord

    October 1, 2017 by Captain Hayden


    Not many of you may know me but my name is Captain Hayden. I've been on the wiki for quite some time now and have seen nearly all of the eras it has been through. With a decline in updates however, I thought originally that this wiki would fade into blackness but instead, a new era has risen. With the combiniation of the conception wiki with their fresh ideas as well as the official game community, I thought what would be a good way to connect these two worlds and form one giant group of friends and fans? The answer was simple: Create a Discord.

    No, this Discord will not be like the old one. My plans are much bigger for this Discord. In the future, I plan on hosting live events. Live events such as gaming sessions, trivia, etc. Unlike…

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Drone tanks are very difficult to use, but the Necromancer makes, say, the Overlord look easy. Tanks with high rates of fire or powerful bullets can quickly wipe out the Necromancer's drones, leaving it defenseless. And unlike the Overlord, the drones don't instantly start to regenerate.

    I, however, was in awe of its massive drone army and potential for power. So, I upgraded to it. My very first action was a disaster. I sent my drones flying into the face of a storm of bullets. Needless to say, they were soon incinerated and I quickly followed the same fate. Lesson learned.

    But I don't give up easily and only a few days later, I tried the Necromancer again. This time, things were different. Unlike the previous time, I was using a tried and t…

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  • Captain Hayden

    Well I felt like writing today so whether you like it or not, here I go...

    Today I will be describing and voicing my opinions on Booster. I might do a few more of these if you guys like it or I feel compelled to write again. 

    Imagine, you've just entered an FFA match. There are pentagons a plenty and squares galore around you. Everything seems calm and quiet... Too quiet. You get some levels and upgrade your stats and all of a sudden BOOM! A tank comes out of nowhere in a blurr killing you. After awhile pondering what happened, you realized it was one of the fastest tanks in the game Booster.

    When upgrading to the Tri Angle branch, it seems as if you've turned into a fighter jet. As you rocket around the Diep arena, making big swoops and dive…

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  • Ursuul

    Some Statistics

    May 24, 2017 by Ursuul

    I found these via Special:Insights. The first table is just stats based on the top five pages per Wiki; it does not take into account lower pages. For example, this week the English Wiki had roughly 100,000 views, as reported by Special:AdminDashboard. Unfortunately I cannot view the Dashboard on Wikis where I am not an Admin, so I wasn’t able to get the full weekly views from the other Interlang Wikis.

    Rank Total Most Popular 2nd Most Popular 3rd Most Popular 4th Most Popular 5th Most Popular Page Rank
    EN 31,762 13,911 5,460 5,075 4,728 2,588 1
    RU 2,495 845 717 591 180 162 6
    ES 2,133 1,168 525 151 146 143 3
    ZH 1,768 873 530 159 105 101 2
    PL 510 303 82 45 40 40 5
    TR 293 148 91 20 17 17 8
    SV 227 57 50 49 40 31 9
    FR 162 68 29 28 23 14 4
    PT-BR 116 47 3…

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  • GellyPop

    Welcome to Comparisons Part 1!

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  • Captain Hayden

    Today is the day I finally decide to start a weekly series, Captain's Opinion. What this series is based upon is my personal opinions on game modes, shapes, tanks or updates that come to Enjoy!

    At first my original opinion of this game mode was negative. Instant deaths and many minutes spent waiting for the game to load was taking it's toll but recently, I started to play some more and it's really quite exciting.

    One of my personal favorite ideas about this game mode is the constant XP gain as the match ensues, allowing everyone to upgrade fast and get their builds ready for the final showdown. However this is an extremely fast paced mode that requires some slight Diep skill and going with your gut, especially in risky situations.


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