• Da Clorax

    Le Dreaded Turtle

    August 19, 2017 by Da Clorax

    FTB code: 128*pentagon*#c0c0c0[{"angle":71.83950804016536,"xoffset":135,"yoffset":0,"width":100,"baselength":130,"length":130,"basereload":6,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0.1,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[50,13,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":143.83950804016536,"xoffset":135,"yoffset":0,"width":100,"baselength":130,"length":130,"basereload":6,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0.1,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[50,13,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":215.83950804016536,"xoffset":135,"yoffset":0,"width":100,"baselength":130,"length":130,"basereload":6,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKno…

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  • Banarama

    The Wikia is currently in the process of Merging with the Conception Wikia. Below is the outline for the plan to do so.

    • A request for three Custom Namespaces is given to Staff.
      • Concept:
      • ToD:
      • OPC:
    • Staff begin the process of an image transfer from DCoW to DW.
    • Features on DCoW, such as Forum & Chat, are slowly restricted bit-by-bit to encourage migration to DW infrastructure.

    • Ursuul promotes all DCoW Staff to Staff on DW.


    Background contest-->

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  • Coloyolo
    • You will burn if you do not.
    • You get a free cape.
    • Utkar:Free Milkshakes

    Will be edited later, suggest new reasons in the comments.

    Utkar has joined.

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  • RubberDuckie3


    August 18, 2017 by RubberDuckie3

    I remember when this wiki did not really have alot of css (i oddly liked it), here is a pic of when i was staff:

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  • The Archprophet

    The End Is Nigh!

    August 17, 2017 by The Archprophet





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  • Ursuul

    Alright lads, lots of stuff went down last week (Sandbox & EotM & Gadgets oh my), so let us not waste any time, & geeeeeeeeeeeeeeet rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooight into the nooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE!


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  • Graviatar

    Tale of Diep:Quasars

    August 15, 2017 by Graviatar

    Quasars are powerful Crasher variants which are based upon the respective breed of polygon. They are generally identified by their comet-like appearance, often pointed near the back and with an elaborate body shape. There are 10 varieties of Quasars, each basing on the eight frequent polygons, hendecagons, and dodecagons. All quasars share similar properties such as white-colored ammunition, after-image effect while moving, and sharing similar design traits.

    Quasars were created by Decratite, the disciple of the Decagons. They are made partially from the souls of each of the disciple's body into a tangible form. Although records of them first appearing is currently unknown, it is speculated that they have been created just after the end of t…

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  • Graviatar


    August 14, 2017 by Graviatar


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  • Kurofox zero


    August 11, 2017 by Kurofox zero


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  • Son Of Ships


    August 10, 2017 by Son Of Ships

    I'm a total idiot... 

    I want to learn to code to create games. Then I was like- what if I don't have to learn how to code? Surely there are websites you can make for free.

    So I made a website and realized Shouldn't I be tryign to create a free game instead of a website?

    But oh well. Designing it was too fun so  Ididn't stop. Heres the link if you want to check it out.  It's availible on mobile and desktop. Feauturing:

    • ==A changelog==
    • ==A soon to be started blog (basically nothing yet but I'm gonna put thsi bullet point in here anyway)==
    • ==My email==
    • ==My Google+,the twitter I never use, Twitch, and I forgot to add Youtube account (Oops  Ishould add that)==
    • ==And nothing else!==

    But oh well. Designing it was too fun so I didn't stop. Heres the link if …

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  • Zathsu


    August 8, 2017 by Zathsu
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  • Zathsu

    Merging Attrition

    August 8, 2017 by Zathsu

    The merge has really been a battle of endurance, a war of attrition with the obstacles at hand and those we've overcome in the past. We've had breakthroughs and fallbacks in our struggles, but at long last bittersweet progress is being made. Great news and bad news, head shoulders knees and toes, with each coming week, the merge woes grow. :/

    So its like... a war of attrition and whatnot. I'm clever with my titles, I swear! It just needed to not sound like the end of the world like the last few, and heaven forbid it be another title related to the false promise of the merge ending soon, because it seems a monkey wrench gets thrown and perfectly lodged in the gears every time our train starts going. But maybe we finally have killed that monk…

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  • Skye Sim

    The Pizza Wars

    August 7, 2017 by Skye Sim

    The Pizza Wars

    The Pizza Wars began on August 4th, 2017. They are the first of the Intergalactic Wars that were recorded by an unknown scribe.


    Skye Sim

    The Named BOSS

    The Tidal Wave (Can conjure 1 item at a time)

    Theelementalmaster (Builder, has special privileges)


    Enemies Come in Three Variants:

    NORMAL:Does nothing special

    ANTI PIZZA:Does more damage to pizza then normal.

    WALL BREAKER:Does more damage to walls then the others.

    Troop:"Who even likes pizza anyways?" This is the most common enemy, they are normally used by the enemy to keep fire away from the Giants. Don't let them scare you! Any attack will kill them, but beware. They come in large numbers!

    AP (Anti-Pizza) Giant:"Feeee fyyyy fooohhh fuuummmm"Is it Godzillas pizza hating…

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  • RubberDuckie3

    I can't post anything on my message wall since it won't post it for me... RIP message wall.

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  • Tiffany95

    32*circle*#00b2e1[{"angle":185.447117012857,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":25,"baselength":65,"length":65,"basereload":0,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[12.5,6.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":185.447117012857,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":25,"baselength":65,"length":65,"basereload":0,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[12.5,6.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":185.447117012857,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":25,"baselength":65,"length":65,"basereload":0,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":0,"knockba…

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  • Da Clorax


    July 30, 2017 by Da Clorax
    • Fri (Fries), our new invention. An edible piece of true innovation. Carved in perfect shape using a state of the art tech called knife to resemble your penis without testicles. Deep fried in Golden Yellow to resemble your piss. It is so great that you can even eat it without yourself choking. We are so generous that we packed something called smart grease in our fri. Wherever it goes, it will leave a trail of grease, so you can locate this pinnacle of technolegy. We are pricing this competitively againest other tech. Our own, YouPhone 7, is $699. Svmsvng Milky Way X7 is $599. We price this at a competitive $899. We believe that this true piece of innovation can change the world.

    Apple Pi Inc.


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  • Ozziene

    Grievances on fame

    July 30, 2017 by Ozziene

    Below is a list of grievances of my fame. Follow this thread to subscribe to this blog and once a new grieance is made, you'll recieve a notification and you'll be sent to the blog and the latest grievance. When you respond to a grievance, always remember to precede your comment with the grievance number. Also make sure not to comment .-. , -_- or ._. in in the comments. They are invalid responses

    As an attempt to return some lost subscribers in the previous grievance, I made a turnaround with a more powerful and more popular youtuber, Lillys and so far only manage to return 1 out of 2 subscribers. Subscriber counts must always stay at its peak level.

    Fame entry:

    👎🙅: Dislikes must never be greater than likes

    Likes: 3, Dislikes: 3

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  • 101cooler

    64*circle*#c0c0c0[{"angle":177.94896158290908,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":50,"baselength":125,"length":125,"basereload":120,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":2,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[25,12.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":89.25594079711118,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":50,"baselength":125,"length":125,"basereload":120,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"type":2,"knockback":0,"disabled":true,"spread":0,"b":[25,12.5,360],"damage":65,"comment":""}, {"angle":358.46016171137626,"xoffset":0,"yoffset":0,"width":50,"baselength":125,"length":125,"basereload":120,"reload":0,"basedelay":0,"delay":0,"delayed":true,"hasKnockBack":true,"t…

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  • TheGoldenPatrik1

    Drone tanks are very difficult to use, but the Necromancer makes, say, the Overlord look easy. Tanks with high rates of fire or powerful bullets can quickly wipe out the Necromancer's drones, leaving it defenseless. And unlike the Overlord, the drones don't instantly start to regenerate.

    I, however, was in awe of its massive drone army and potential for power. So, I upgraded to it. My very first action was a disaster. I sent my drones flying into the face of a storm of bullets. Needless to say, they were soon incinerated and I quickly followed the same fate. Lesson learned.

    But I don't give up easily and only a few days later, I tried the Necromancer again. This time, things were different. Unlike the previous time, I was using a tried and t…

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  • Banarama

    The End is Near

    July 27, 2017 by Banarama


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  • RubberDuckie3

    >The merge is going to be finished extremely soon!

    Community: "FINALLY! IT IS DONE!"

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  • Terry Barboza

    I know. I've been inactive for a long time. Here's why: I been playing other games on other devices and I haven't been playing recently. I've also been watching videos on YouTube. I just came back to tell you that I'm gonna be inactive for a long time. 

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  • Captain Hayden

    Well I felt like writing today so whether you like it or not, here I go...

    Today I will be describing and voicing my opinions on Booster. I might do a few more of these if you guys like it or I feel compelled to write again. 

    Imagine, you've just entered an FFA match. There are pentagons a plenty and squares galore around you. Everything seems calm and quiet... Too quiet. You get some levels and upgrade your stats and all of a sudden BOOM! A tank comes out of nowhere in a blurr killing you. After awhile pondering what happened, you realized it was one of the fastest tanks in the game Booster.

    When upgrading to the Tri Angle branch, it seems as if you've turned into a fighter jet. As you rocket around the Diep arena, making big swoops and dive…

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  • RubberDuckie3


    July 23, 2017 by RubberDuckie3


    |image1    =

    |rarity    = Common

    |hp        = 30

    |xp        = 25

    |variants  = Green Triangle

    |nickname  = Doritos}}

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  • Underslime

    am sick D:

    July 22, 2017 by Underslime

    I will be inactive for a few days. I can't even get out of bed :(

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  • RubberDuckie3

    Changing my name

    July 21, 2017 by RubberDuckie3

    totally not copying SR/Banana

    So i was bored and decided to change my name but i am out of ideas, so just comment on what name i should have and i will choose the best one imo. Just don't make it related to my current name (Ex: Oo1guy)

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  • Da Clorax


    July 21, 2017 by Da Clorax
    • Zathsu is ZathusTheMageV 
    • Banarama is SuperRobot9338
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  • Tacocat247

    Concept: Shootist

    July 20, 2017 by Tacocat247

    Not to be confused with Triplet due to similar design.

    The Shootist is one of the four current final upgrade options from Gunner and is available at Level 45. Shootist is not able to upgrade any further, as it is at the end of its upgrade line. Just as a note, the Shootist is a Fan-Made conception. It is not in the game, unless something similar is added.

    The Shootist features a circular tank body with 4 Gunner Cannons at the front, and a regular sized Cannon at the front.

    Upon Upgrading:

    • Reload is slightly decreased
    • Bullet Damage is slightly increased
    • Adds a normal sized Cannon. Other Cannons are spread out.

    Being an upgrade from Gunner would mean that it is similar to it. It has the same firing pattern, but the gun added to the front has the same re…

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  • Tacocat247

    Just some sketches

    July 20, 2017 by Tacocat247

    This is some art i made in my spare time. I will add more of it.

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  • Tacocat247

    The Diamond

    July 19, 2017 by Tacocat247

    Note: BeniTehCobCannon was the original creator

    Everyone wondered... if only we had a way to stop the overpowered tanks, including the GOAT and Hilary...

    It is not known who birthed this tank.

    There are no writings about who had created it. Would we ever find out? maybe not.

    there are rumors that the tank even created itself.

    If someone evil had possession...

    they could corrupt entire maps.

    destroy the sancturaries.

    even do some of the unthinkable.

    but whatever's under that Scrimitite-laden body...

    we should leave it be.

    The Diamond is a boss tank proving to be one of the strongest tanks of all. It rejects all negative effects, and when hit by a bullet, this heals the tank and makes its own bullets stronger.

    Take note that the drone seen in the pictur…

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  • BeefSlice

    Helloooooo guys! This is my new blog and I will make new episodes whenever I feel like it. It will be on the things I find most annoying in Remember that these are all in my opinion. These blog posts won't be to long but I will make a lot of them because I have a lot to complain about. This first one is the one I hate the most.

    There is an occasional glitch where I start firing after I spawn. The reason I hate this is because it makes my shield disappear and while I'm trying to upgrade some stupid idiot comes along and kills me since I am unprotected.

    Please tell me if this happens to you as well in the comments. And don't forget to like and subscribe! Peace out. (XD)

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  • Zathsu

    Final Hurrah

    July 18, 2017 by Zathsu

    That is right. I have now taken over the Weekly Update as well! We're reaching the end of the merge, people, so just keep hanging on tight... we're entering the last lap, the end in sight, the FINAL HURRAH of the merge! Oh uh, and of course all the other news on the wiki too, don't forget that. (-^_^-)

    lruynit ZE00000

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  • PUTIN, Mordor
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  • Enpanzran

    July 17 2017.

    Enpanzran/Intelrifkin's Interactive Book.

    I am Enpanzran, also known as AM Waves, my former name. I am a bit of a weird person, as you can ask to other people. They will reply "Yes, he is" 95% of the time. This weirdness actually made me isolated from friendly grounds and I was much of a shy and inturned guy. I don't have a high self esteem, I am serious and cold blooded most of the time.

    As the time passed by, I got more of a shy one. When classmates were hanging together, I usually stood in the class, or drew, or imagined things. I was sad and not sad at the same time. The reason I was sad, was that I had no one to talk freely to. The reason I was not sad was, that I believed it was destiny and it would be helpful to not have …

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  • Tacocat247

    Tier List

    July 16, 2017 by Tacocat247

    Octo-tank VS triple twin = Tripletwin

    Octo-Tank VS Pentashot = Pentashot

    Octo-Tank VS Spread Shot = Spread shot

    Octo-Tank VS Triplet = Triplet

    Octo-Tank VS Ranger = Ranger

    Octo-Tank VS Stalker = Stalker

    Octo-Tank VS Predator = Predator

    Octo-Tank VS Streamliner = Streamliner

    Octo-Tank VS Overlord = Octo Tank

    More is coming.

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  • Underslime…

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  • Tungster24

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  • Enpanzran


    July 12, 2017 by Enpanzran

    I hate FTB

    The code was the wrong one!

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  • Ursuul


    July 11, 2017 by Ursuul

    Hey-O-Lads. Sorry for being late again, I’m only one Admin, but I hope this WU is up to standards with the rest.

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  • Ozziene

    😆 NOICE Microsoft!

    July 10, 2017 by Ozziene Now you will let me use the emoji i want so badly. I need fall creators update so badly as well 😥😥🙌👭

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  • RubberDuckie3

    The op weapon looks like an arena closer but it lags you severely

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  • RubberDuckie3

    because i am going to vacation.

    just in case you are wondering why i am going to not respond to your messages. I'm leaving in 20 minutes btw.

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  • Da Clorax

    Bill Gates

    July 9, 2017 by Da Clorax

    Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. -Bill Gates some random day

    A large ranger the size of a mothership, and with a giant bill gates face on it. 

    It's a boss with 14016 health.

     It just fires at the nearest player with full bullet penetration, full bullet damge, full reload, and full bullet speed ranger bullets. Also occaisonally has a circle above it's head representing a chat bubble, with the words "Madness? THIS IS MICROSOFT!", then bill gates fires an Arena Closer bullet at nearest player. This music plays the whole time he is alive. Also every once in a while he 'says' "ERROR 404" and summons 5 factory minions each named "404". They have all bullet related stats max and will go for you. Als…

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  • Underslime

    Since conceptions and shiz are gonna be here soon, I'll most likely post my opinion on them and rate them on a scale of 1-10. Of course, the higher the number the better, But here is a more accurate description of each number.

    • 0.1 - 0.9 = This tank is just pure sh*t. I  absolutely hate it.
    • 1.0 - 1.9 = I loathe this tank. You wasted its potential.
    • 2.0 - 2.9 = This tank has only one good thing about it. The other things are just bad.
    • 3.0 - 3.9 = Disappointing.
    • 4.0 - 4.9 = It has good and bad stuff, But more bad than good.
    • 5.0 - 5.9 = Not bad, not good.
    • 6.0 - 6.9 = Has good and bad stuff. There are still some bad stuff, But there is enough good stuff for me to like it.
    • 7.0 - 7.9 = Decent/Good. Consider your tank a success if you get this score.
    • 8.0 - …

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  • Da Clorax

    Random Crap

    July 8, 2017 by Da Clorax

    Don't question

    • Luigi1006YT The named BOSS Enpanzran ArenaCloser1337 FallenBooster John500
    • Radium212
    • TBOO-Y Elite4woolfy FishAreBlue BeefSlice ThePokegeek5000 AWESOME EVILDOR Chilly Bean BAM! Guest Hater
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  • Tacocat247


    July 8, 2017 by Tacocat247

    Tilde is a Peripheral Boss added on July 8th 2017. He is the Boss version of no particular polygon. He is extremly precise, but hates irregularity (OCD). Tilde has 5 small Cannons, and a big Spawner at the back. Tilde has a chance to spawn 10-13 minutes after the server starts, and 15-23 minutes after the death of the previous boss.

    Tilde can spawn in every gamemode, except for Maze.

    Tilde features a complicated body shape that has a resemblence to a Video Game controller. At the front are 5 very small guns, some focused, and some spread apart. At the back is a spawner that is almost the same width at TIlde.

    Like most other bosses, Tilde has 3,000 HP, and like most bosses, upon defeat, drops 30,000 EXP to the player that killed Tilde. Its sma…

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  • Enpanzran


    July 7, 2017 by Enpanzran

    If anyone knows me as Tucker, it's a pseudonym. My name is classified, so I go with Tucker.

    You can still call me Tuck though.

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  • Ursuul

    Merge Progress

    July 4, 2017 by Ursuul

    Happy 4th of July lads. As said in last week’s update, WUs can be a bit late due to the Merge. Indeed, most news now involves the Merge because it is taking up so much of our resources, but rest assured there are still many things to cover, so let’s dig in!

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  • Utkar22

    One year!

    July 4, 2017 by Utkar22

    So exactly one year ago, I joined this wiki. I had indeed been stalking the wiki for a while (both this and the "official" one). I started playing this game because of agario, yes.

    So my early edits were just fixing a few things, nothing much. I didn't start participating much till October.

    I'll have to cut it short now, I need to go.

    AMA in comments!

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  • Type: Sparky

    Account Loss

    July 1, 2017 by Type: Sparky

    As some of you may be aware, I lost my avatar a week ago.

    The truth is, FANDOM found a bug with account names with colons and such in them. So they tried to fix it.

    This fix was not meant to affect already-existing accounts, but it affected mine. But, FANDOM has managed to fix mine, so thank you to all you guys and girls over there. I was away for a week. I'm back.

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