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This article is a list of Bugs and Glitches various players and contributors have found in If you want to add one, be sure to make a clear explanation of the bug or the glitch, and make sure it exists.

Currently Existing Bugs Edit

No scoreboard, map, or EXP bar Edit

Sometimes, the scoreboard, minimap and the player's bar status will disappear at various times then they will reappear after. This bug usually crashes the game, eventually kicking people out of the server and upsetting them as then they lose all of their EXPs and levels. Notifications are also not visible when they appear during this bug.

Upgrades glitch Edit

In Sandbox when you upgrade to Hunter using the / key, the layout is from top to bottom and the Streamliner's upgrade icon is red instead of green. Similarly, upgrading to the Overseer with the with the same technique, the Overseer's upgrades have their tanks misplaced and the Battleship's upgrade icon color is green instead of dark blue.

Boss spawn timer ahead of schedule Edit

In rare cases, a boss would spawn in a Survival server before the game starts most likely killing everyone ending the game quickly.

Flashing Screen Edit

Sometimes in all of the modes, the floor will turn black and turn normal again. The constant flashing can vary in speed and the timing between each flash is irregular. The reason is unknown. It is possible to fix this bug by switching to a different web browser.

Mobile only Bugs Edit

Inactive Arena Closers Edit

Sometimes, when the Arena Closers came, the AI of the Arena Closers would glitch out, making them slowly drift like Polygons even if there are still players on the server. Because of that, the glitch was immediately fixed. However, This glitch still occurs on mobile. The glitch applies at 1:35 on the video.

Epic Diep

Epic Glitch

Bugs Unconfirmed of Status Edit

Ghost Bases Edit

A Weird Map

A Picture of what the "Ghost Bases" glitch looked like

On October 7, 2016, around 22:00[GMT - 5:00], a few reports appeared regarding the sightings of ghost Bases in the Domination mode. Sometimes extra Bases could be seen as marked on the mini-map, but were not there for real. Due to this glitch, the number of Base markings on the mini-map would increase from two to three or four. This is likely a Base map show/hide error.

Instant Health Regen Edit

If a tank is in low health, hitting any Polygon could have the health instantly max out rather then taking damage.

It has been speculated that this bug was a feature in the past.

Awesome Diep

Awesome Glitch

Unplayable Maze Edit

Randomly in the Maze game mode, most entities (Tanks, Polygons, walls) will disappear, and the game becomes unplayable. This is possibly the game sensing an unknown adblocker late.

Fixed/Removed Bugs Edit

The subject of this article is no longer in! Please keep note while reading that this feature is archived and cannot be done/played in anymore. It has now Fallen.

Achievements List Not Hidden During Gameplay Edit


What the "Achievements Not Hidden During Gameplay" Bug looked like before it was patched

When the achievements list is currently shown, and you join to a server, the list does not hide, but instead stays on there without scrolling other achievements (it simply stops). This can be easily done by moving your cursor to the right side of your screen before joining into the server, then when you can join in, press Enter to spawn. Note that this is different when the player actually earned achievements, as earning one shows only the achievement the player receives, and later will disappear.

Low HP Mothership Edit

Sometimes in the now removed Mothership mode, the Mothership would only have 468 HPs and loses tons of health when hit by tank ammunition. The Mothership would also lose more than half of it's HP when a rammer crashes into the Mothership, and dies.

Insane Reload Glitch Edit


A Penta Shot using the Insane Reload Glitch.

Being a famous glitch, the Insane Reload Glitch allows any player to quickly shoot and Reload, ignoring the cooldown (the “Reload” Stat) that the tank has. To achieve this, one simply needs to spam-press E (the Auto-Fire Control) or Spacebar (Fire - Left click (MOUSE) might also work) when Auto-Fire is disabled. Note this bug didn’t work well or at all on certain Classes like Sniper or Trapper branch.

This bug took its place around August 13th (2016), which is just a day after the Spread-Shot and Streamliner Update.

“Sticky” Walls Edit

During the early hours of the addition of the Maze game mode, walls had some bad coding which made them “sticky” rather than solid, making some players getting stuck on the walls until death; Drones also got stuck to the walls along with Crashers.

Stuck on a wall..

Stuck on a wall...

In this video, the glitch took effect only a while after upgrading to Overlord.


Speed Up and Speed Down? Edit

At an unknown date, between August and September 13th (2016), the spawning areas of Team Deathmatch might have glitched out, as the Protectors moved very slowly and couldn’t defend the Base.

There is video evidence of the similar case below. For an unknown reason, Protectors were barely able to move. However, the Battleship's and the Necromancer's Drones became very fast. This may have been part of the same glitch.
Speed GLITCH Gameplay Glitch Diep

Speed GLITCH Gameplay Glitch Diepio

Invisible Trap Glitch Edit

This glitch allowed the Trapper Class to place “invisible” Traps. The way this is activated is by firing really close to a Polygon.


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