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Bullets are the most common ammunition in, they are fired from Cannons and Auto Turrets.

In Free For All, Survival, Maze, and Sandbox game modes, your own bullets are blue, but enemy bullets are red. In the Team Deathmatch, Domination and Tag Mode game modes, the color of your bullets depends on the color of your team. Fallen Boosters fire grey bullets. Lastly, Arena Closers, Defenders, and neutral Dominators fire yellow bullets.

The size of your bullet depends on your level and the class of tank you use, as further elaborated below.

There are tanks who use other types of ammunition as well: Drones (summoned by Spawners), Traps (laid by Launchers), Missiles (shot by Deployers) and Protectors (found in bases and summoned by Motherships).


A Machine Gun shooting bullets.

Types of Bullets


Meshed image comparing multiple bullet sizes (all level 45). Left to right: Gunner, Auto Turret, Basic Tank, Destroyer, Annihilator.

Normal Bullets: Average-sized bullets that are fired from most classes of tanks, typically from normal rectangular Cannons, such as that found on the Basic Tank, with no buffs or debuffs. Some bullets are propelled faster than others, some do more damage than others and the Sandbox Arena Closer uses a much more powerful version of these.

Large Bullets: Large bullets are used by the Destroyer, Hybrid, Real Arena Closer, and Destroyer Dominators. They do much more damage and have much more Penetration than the Normal and Small bullets, though they travel considerably slower (Real Arena Closers’ bullets are exempt from the rule, and are extremely fast). 

Small Bullets: The Gunner branch, Factory Drones, and the Gunner Dominators use these. They have the weakest penetration of all of the types of ammunition, though they travel fast. Their bullet damage varies from class to class but they tend to hit hard for their size, especially when their damage stacks.

Auto Bullets: Bullets fired by Auto Turrets, have slightly bigger penetration than normal bullets, but also a slower speed and smaller size (the second smallest, as shown in the image about an inch up).

Multi-Shot: Multiple different-sized bullets are fired in order. This type of bullet is generally used by tanks in the Hunter branch, as well as the Sprayer and Spread Shot.


  • If you are killed by surviving bullets from a tank that has just died, then the death screen focuses on the bullets until they disappear. Your death will then be attributed to “an unnamed tank.”
  • Each bullet stays alive for three seconds unless it is destroyed via impact with another bullet or tank.
    • The only exception is the bullets fired from the back barrels of the Tri-Angle, Booster, and Fighter, lasting only 1.5 seconds.
    • Therefore, bullet speed also increases how far the bullets travel before disappearing.
    • As with real world physics, bigger projectiles decelerate faster than smaller ones.
  • An achievement referred Gunner's bullets as pellets.
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