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== Basic Info ==

In 1 vs 50, 50 normal tanks battle against one huge, powerful tank, all player controlled. Everyone starts at max level (not necessarily level 45 due to suggestions for higher levels). A grey barrier, similar to the one on the map's edges, is present in the battle, dividing the two sides. Once there are 31 players on the server, with the first being the giant tank, the battle begins. Also, the arena has a huge size decrease, so players on the "50" team can work together more. After one side has lost all of their players, arena closers come and the side with players wins.

Giant Tank Edit

The giant tank has very buffed stats, that allow it to function like any other tank, but on a larger scale. It has:

  • 5X Health Regen
  • 25X Max HP
  • 3X Body Damage
  • 1.2X Bullet Speed
  • 3X Bullet Penetration
  • 1.5X Bullet Damage
  • 1.2X Reload
  • 1.5X Movement Speed
  • 1.2X Ranger FOV (note that this is at default FOV, if it upgrades to a class with higher FOV, this will increase)
  • 3X Bullet Size

The giant tank's HP also appears on the leaderboard, along with the amount of players on the other team.

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