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"I wanted to protect you... I knew what would come."

The story line of Beni's From the Void story.

Chapter 1 - It ain't easy. Edit

You already probably know the saying, "It isn't easy being king." Well, it isn't easy being the ruler of an army and having complete power over multiple universes. First off, you need to deal with your incompetent soldiers, (who unfortunately can stick around way longer than previous generations), then you need to manage 100+ different universes, all very different from each other. Third, don't forget to endure what I've endured previously. I, David, leader of Homeworld, admit to doing some stupid stuff in my past lives, but that's the past. I'm a changed man who undoubtedly saved Homeworld... I think. That's why you write things down, kids. And I did, and here's the story.

Chapter 2 - Here's a little lesson Edit

Okay, if you don't know what Homeworld is like, don't worry. It's not that complicated. To the left of where I sit all day just down the hall, that's the place where all the Jesses are made. Bo-ring. On the level below, there's a Kindergarden, but that's been inactive since I became a God. To the right, you've got a bunch of portals to the stuff Creator made a buncha years ago. In front, nothing. Yeah. Unless you want to break that conveniently easy-to-break wall, taking you straight to the Void. The void is pretty boring. It's basically where everyone dumps their garbage, occasionally even some humans that had flaws. I only stationed one god down there, but he just eats all the stuff we throw in there. The good part about the void, it's literally infinite, so you can store all the trash you want. Sometimes, trash escapes, but that's ok. Yesterday, a rogue fusion I put down there a long time ago came up to me yesterday and mumbled something about revenge, I guess. They were too tired to talk properly. Do I care either way?

Chapter 3 - Convenient Conflict Edit

Oh, poor, innocent David. Doesn't he know I have an entire army ready to attack him? What? You don't know who I am? I never introduced myself. I'm Spring Man, the absolute most powerful being in this universe, stronger than anything that's been seen before. One of the original 4 created from the darkness to create eternal prosperity, I'm the only one standing. I was banished to the Void in fear I'd grown two powerful for Homeworld, but now with their forces weakened, I take what they threw down here, modify it, and now I'm ready to send it back. It was an incompetent mistake to throw away the tank species, wasn't it, David?

Chapter 4 - A day in the void. Edit

I'm Jesse number 77,587. Why am I different? I was the only one out of the initial 500,000 that came out wrong. I was supposed to be assigned to a simple kindergarten, but Homeworld ridiculed me. I fled, not knowing where I would end up, but I arrived at the void, as I later knew. Out of breath, I stopped in front of a neon red building, where a fusion walked up to me, sword at my face. They asked what I was doing here and was I a newcomer. Would I get killed? What were they going to do to me? I hesitantly said yes. The two spared me, and wanted to show me to their leader. The fusion told me about the void.

"The Void is the place that goes on forever, and it holds every single mistake Homeworld made. Almost all of us are treated as family. Sometimes, after an Era of life has surpassed its expiration date, they would get thrown down here. Most die being buried in the trash piles out west, some survive and live here forever. No matter what kind of defect you have, from a slight deformity to being a conjoined twin with proportional body masses, only 3 have perished here so far of intentional murder."

Today, I am quite possibly the fourth one to be murdered. I live in the eternal apartment complex. Spring Man's only intent on keeping me is because people have heard me working on genetic mutations, freaks even to normal people here. Most are tank experiments, and I have not left my apartment since I first got it. The entrance is blocked with dead, rotting bodies, normally tank bodies, and the walls are covered in trash. Everyone insists I come out and help in the rebellion, but I refuse. This is my home. The bodies are my artwork. I am different from any other Jesse out there, and I'm proud of it.

Chapter 5 - Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru Edit


Oh look, what a surprise. The conveniently easy-to-break wall broke. Now there are tanks flooding homeworld. Do I, the great and powerful David really have to deal with this? No, not yet. I just send in the Homeworld's most elite soldiers. If ever in a war, they can resist up to 5,000 wounds and only die of starvation or thirst 20,000 years after creation. They'll never run out of energy, so these little guys are awesome at cross-country. They're still kind of not little. Some, 10 times taller than a normal tank (mostly because of the ears). Oh look - they're fighting, but what does Spring Man want to do? Fight ME personally, but he's a coward so he sends one of his court members after me. Now, let me think, he needs like fifty of these. Which one was it?

Chapter 6 - Mystery Trio Edit