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"I am the greatest kind of Guardian, the one with the power of Y!"


Guardian Y is the iconic polygonal superhero in the Universe. He is a powered-up Guardian of the Pentagons with some striking new abilities! His goal is to protect the Polygons (kind of) and save the planet from relentless attacks from many villans.

Guardain Y originally was once a Guardain X, a Guardian who has been strucked by crimson lightning and coverted into a ravaging monstrosity that looks into the goal to serve the Cult of Panzer. That faithful day occured in June 24th, 2017, however it is not entirely confirmed. The story goes a while back where the Hivemind was created.


He appears very much like the famous Guardian of the Pentagons, but he has a yellow cape behind the body. His spawner appears to have many high-tech qualities. A belt is placed near the bottom of the body, on the center a large glowing Y simbol is placed. Some say he has arms, others don't.


Guardain Y's true HP isn't confirmed, but some believe he has 90,000 - 200,000 HP. Way beyond of any normal boss entity found in His strength couldn't be denied!

The rest is W.I.P, more content will be added later.

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