Wikia Guardian “This nest is my property!” This fanon article (a fictional idea for the game) is authored by its Creator. Please do not edit this page without their permission. LE TANKBULB V2

Shooter Edit

The Shooter branches from the Gunner at lvl 45. Adds two more guns on the back. Increased damage and reload, and recoil, but decreases movement speed. You can use the mousewheel to zoom out, but it has limited zoom, it can only zoom out to the FOV of a Assassin. Basicly a Gunner mixed with a Twin, and has zooming abilities.

Strong againts: Weak tanks, The twin, and the assassin.

Weak againts: Destroyers, Rangers, and drone-summoning classes.

Trivia Edit

Is very fast, has about the speed of a Booster.

Idea by GunnerTeam, don't steal!

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