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Hi all, this is Ultra.

This is my Suggestion List for I know that the game devs won't read this, but I just want to share these ideas regardless. So, here they are.

This first post will be updated with more suggestions from time to time.

k bi

Juggernauts GamemodeEdit

'Juggernauts' is a mix of the FFA and Team DM gamemodes, in which, the first few people to join the server becomes a Juggernaut. Everyone else works together to defeat the Juggernauts.

A Juggernaut is a Red tank. They gain a massive boost in all stats. They are immediately upgraded to level 45, thus being able to upgrade themself all the way to Tank Tier 3, and gain all the possible upgrade points instantly.

The juggernauts fight each other, and defend themselves from pretty much everyone else. When a juggernaut kills another juggernaut, a new player joining will take that place.

Everyone else (blue tanks) work together to take down the juggernauts. All EXP gains are tripled (because the juggernauts might be able to hunt everyone down while they're all starting).The first and lucky person becomes a Juggernaut when they kill one. Then they will be hunted by everyone!

On the Scoreboard, only Juggernauts, and no one else, are placed and sorted by points.

Engineer ClassEdit

The Engineer is a level 45 class that branches off of the Overseer. The Engineer, instead of building drones, builds small but durable sentries that fly with you and shoot enemies automatically, or shoot where your cursor points when autofiring or left clicking. When you right click, the sentries fly off from your cursor; the sentries will, however, seek and attack any enemy that strolls close.

The Engineer can build up to four sentries. The production is slower than an Overseer's however.

Drone Damage is changed to Sentry Damage, and will affect all three body damage, bullet penetration and bullet damage of the sentry.

Drone Health is changed to Sentry Health.

Drone Speed is changed to Sentry Speed, and will affect both the movement speed and bullet speed of the sentry.

Reload affects both your Sentry production speed and the Sentry's bullet reload.

Blacksmith BranchEdit


The Blacksmith is a teammode-exclusive class that is unlocked at level 15. This class shoots yellow squares instead of bullets. This is useful for helping you and any other low leveled team players level up, as they can gain EXP from your squares, and you gain EXP when they take your squares.

The difference between your squares and natural ones is that your squares act like bullets, so they damage just like bullets.


The Architect is similar to the Blacksmith, except that instead of producing squares, you produce red triangles.


The Host, instead of producing red triangles, produce blue pentagons.

Boomer BranchEdit

Boomer (Level 15)Edit

Shoots a higher penetration C or V shaped bullet that return to the direction of the player after reaching a certain distance.

Twin Boomer (Level 30)Edit

Shoots the return-a-bullets twice as fast.

Triplet Boomer (Level 45)Edit

Shoots the return-a-bullets thrice as fast as the boomer. Branches off of Twin Boomer.

Flank Boomer (Level 30)Edit

Shoots the return-a-bullets behind as well.

Double Twin Boomer (Level 45)Edit

Shoots the return-a-bullets twice as fast, behind and forward. Branches off of Twin Boomer and Flank Boomer.

Ring of Pain Class (Level 60)Edit

Branches off of Octo Tank. Shoots a ring of 16 bullets instead of 8.

Basher BranchEdit

Basher (Level 15)Edit

Shoots no bullets, but does very high body damage, and takes decreased damage from, the front. The design has a grey plate on the front.

Brute (Level 30)Edit

The grey plate is wider, therefore covering more of the front.

Charger (Level 45)Edit

There are now tank guns on the back, to boost the player.

More coming soon.

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