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The Death Screen is a miscellaneous feature in It was added on July 10th.


It currently shows:

  • The name of the user who killed you, under the phrase “You were killed by: (tank name)”.
    • Unnamed killers and Protectors (As they lack an in-game name) will be shown as “An unnamed tank” in this section.
      • They will also provide a special message: “They seem to prefer to keep an air of mystery about them”.
    • Polygons will be appropriately identified.
  • How long you’ve lived (In hours, minutes and/or seconds).
  • Your Score.
  • Your Level.
  • Your Class, including a still image of the class and its official name.
  • Spectating the entity that killed you (On the death spectator screen), until it dies.


  • When it was first released, the Death Screen said that you have played for 60 hours before dying. Later that day, it got patched.
  • Due to a bug, if a Tank died and its remaining Bullets/Traps destroyed other tanks, to the latter their player will receive a death message stating that they were killed by “An unnamed tank”, no matter how the ammo’s original owner was named.
  • Before shapes were given their in-game names, they were referred as “An unnamed tank” in death screens. This was fixed in the August 21st update.
    • Similar things happened when players were kicked off the Mothership because time was up. This was also fixed in the August 21st update(Revision needed), and removed with the removal of Mothership Game Mode.
  • Before the Death Screen, when a Tank killed you, it would only lead to a translucent screen, following the person that killed you. Pressing Enter would take you back to the naming screen.
  • There was a bug (now fixed) that made the death screen zoom out, and make it look like a minimap.


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