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The Defender is an AI-controlled Boss that was added on August 23rd, 2016. The Defender has a chance to spawn 10-13 minutes after the server starts, and 15-23 minutes after the death of the previous boss.


The Defender features a Red Triangle as its body with three trap Launchers, one on each side. Three Auto Turrets are placed on top of it in each corner.



Like every other boss, the Defender has 3,000 HP, even though it heals slowly. Its launchers have a high reload, and its Auto Turrets have an average fire rate. Its traps are normal sized with high penetration and damage. Auto Turrets and bullets act identically to the Auto 5, but have a lower speed. The Defender also moves very slowly.


  • Upon destruction, it awards 30,000 experience and score points to the player who deals the final shot.
  • Its movements are complex. For fact, when there is a player near the Defender, you may notice as it changes its path depending on the position of the player, it sometimes moves away or stops.[1]
  • When the Defender happens to drift near a wall, it will immediately change its path to move parallel to the wall.
  • It is not targeted by the Base Protectors unless it provokes them and the Base itself has an effect on it. 
  • The Defender has auto-spin passively enabled.
  • Similarly to Arena Closers, it is not slowed down at all when bumping into Polygons.
  • The Defender suffers from its own auto-turrets’ recoil.


Strong Against: Low DPS tanks, Melee classes, Drone classes (Unless distracted), Spread classes, most Trappers Weak Against: High DPS, high range or focused fire classes (except Streamliner), the Destroyer class (Hybrid, Annihilator)

  • Use a Destroyer (Annihilator, Hybrid), as one giant Bullet with good penetration stats can plow right through many of the Defender’s tough Traps.
  • Use a Triplet, as it is a great DPS and focused fire tank. But still be careful, the Defender's Bullets have high penetration as well.
  • Use a Gunner Trapper or possibly an Auto Trapper, as you can defend yourself while shooting decent Bullets. Be careful with the tiny gaps between your traps that the Auto Turret's small bullets may squeeze through.
  • DO NOT use Body Damage focused builds, other Trappers, Drone or solely Auto classes as they will not be able to get through the trap/bullet storm. You would be digging your own grave while moving close to it.
  • Use a Ranger or Predator to hit the Defender. Make sure to be out of their FOV.
  • For some tanks the boss may be hard to avoid being killed by because the turrets are spread out enough that it is hard to avoid being hit. Its traps/bullets may be slightly stronger than normal ones.


  • It is the first boss to use Traps and wield Auto Turrets at the same time. 
  • The Defender, alongside Arena Closers and neutral Dominators, are the only entities to use yellow ammunition
  • When idle, the Defender slowly circles the arena until it sees a player.
  • As of 22nd of August, when a boss spawns, a notification appears. The Defender's is shown in the Gallery below. 
  • Although this Boss’ Launchers are about the same size as a Mega Trapper’s, it shoots regular size traps.
  • The Defender's Auto Turrets seem to have a complex behaviour. It is the only tank that uses Auto Turrets that are controlled by the Defender's AI. The Defender’s Auto Turrets don’t control themselves, as other Auto Turrets do.
  • The Defender is rather small compared to other Bosses.
  • It has the same amount of Launchers as the Tri-Trapper, which is the largest amount of Launchers that can be found on a single tank.


  • The Defender in action
  • A Necromancer Attempting to attack the Defender
  • The Defender in the arena while the arena is closing
  • The Notification that comes up when the Defender spawns
  • A closer look at the Defender
  • Transparent image of the Defender
  • A group of Blue Teamed Players attacking the Defender
  • The Defender with new color scheme in-game.


  1. This note is subject to review/removal since this behavior has not yet been observed nor proven by a Staff member.
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