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This article needs some cleanup. Refer to the Style Guide for more details. Make this article spotless or the Fallen Booster will give you an F! Mobile is a version of for mobile devices, available for both Apple and Android mobile devices via the App Store & Google Play Store respectively. Download

Here’s an example of what the official download looks like (beware of clones). The game is Action based and rated E.

This page exists to discuss the notable differences between the Web and Mobile versions of

the Icon for the Mobile App.

Each of the following will have links to each of the corresponding pages.

Gamemodes Front Screen

The main screen for Mobile.


Rather than point and click (and WASD or arrow key controls), the controls consist of 2 joysticks, one on the left side of the screen, and one on the right. By default, the left joystick is the move function, and the right joystick is to point and shoot. Alternatively, the game can be played by pointing in the direction you want to move/shoot using the touch screen. This makes classes like Necromancer very difficult to play because they rely heavily on the drones to shield them from incoming fire. The only way to accomplish something of this sort is by spinning yourself around to decelerate the drones. You can easily see how much more complicated simple controls can be like this.

Experience Gain / Upgrades Sidebar

Although it may feel like you are gaining more experience in mobile than in PC, there’s absolutely no difference in the rate that you gain experience. For instance, 50 points in mobile will put you just below a level 5 tank; the exact same as the web version.

The only time you can see your upgrades in mobile is when you have Skill Points to spend. In the browser version, you can scroll into the bottom left to view upgrades that you have made, but this is not available in Mobile

Game User Interface Navigation

In Game

Pause Button - The “Pause” button in the top left corner of the screen serves as an exit function.  By tapping on it, a confirmation message will ask if you really want to leave or not.

Minimap - This is different for every gamemode.  A minimap is located on screen below the pause button.  Your location will appear as a black triangle.

Scoreboard - In the top right corner of the screen, there is a function that hides or shows the leaders (leading team for Tag Mode).  If you have less points than the person in 5th place, your points will be shown only to yourself on the bottom of the leaderboard.  If you are one of the top five on the leaderboard, a 6th person with the next highest amount of points will show on the bottom.

Leader Arrow - As you would expect, the leader arrow points to where the top player is.  When you are within range, the arrow will go away.  A leader arrow is not displayed if you are the leader.

Experience Bar - The experience bar displays your tank’s level along with how close you are to leveling up.  Upgrades are available when you gain Levels.


Some Classes that exist on the Computer version of do not exist on the Mobile version of

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4 Examine

What the player sees. The upgrades on the top of the screen aren’t accessible for you to look at whenever you wish, so predict your builds wisely!


  • The mobile version’s New Predator is called the X Hunter.
  • Maze, Sandbox, 2 Teams, 4 Teams, and (more recently) Mothership are not part of the mobile version.
  • There is no preview for the classes.
  • Only the top 5 on the leaderboard are shown.  The exception here is if you are one of those 5 leaders, then there is a sixth.
  • Because the game uses joysticks, Overseer classes cannot repel, and cannot direct their Drones to a specific spot.
  • The X Hunter has a separate button for zooming.
  • Some Classes that exist on the Computer version are not available in the mobile version, a few examples of this are the Battleship and Factory.


See Mobile Changelog

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