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  1. Post threads in the correct boards.
  2. Don’t intentionally cause drama or derail posts.
  3. Don’t spam or Necropost.
  4. Don’t harass or slander.

Those are the essential rules you need to know. They apply to the Regular Forum only; they do not apply to Discussions because Discussions have their own separate Discussions Guidelines.

For more info and explanations about each of the four rules, see below.

What is each Board for?

  • Anything about the game
  • General Discussion: General Stuff.
  • Tournaments: Tournaments or Contest related threads only.
  • Questions & Answers: Asking non-open-ended questions about the Wiki or in general.
  • Résumés: Requests for User Rights, Internships, or to join Staff.
  • Petitions: Requesting new features, rule changes, etc. for the Wiki.
  • Violation Reporting: Reports of rule breaking such as vandalism or spam.
  • Off-Topic: Literally anything that isn’t outright abuse.

What is Drama?

  1. Fear mongering over vandals; being frank about the thread they pose is one thing, spreading fear and hysteria is quite another.
  2. Engaging in pointless fights that devolve into personal attacks and aspersions.
  3. Anything else a Discussion Mod deems to fall into this category.

What is Derailment?

  1. Deliberately posting content that is completely irrelevant to the topic so as to either start a fight or take the thread off-topic. (“Illuminati” posts usually fall under this -_-)
  2. Willfully engaging in or responding to content that you know will take a post further off topic or into drama.
  3. Anything else a Discussion Mod deems to fall into this category.

What is Spam?

  1. Posting in a language other than English.
  2. Triple-posting successively, or double-posting threads. (you can repost things if a day or so has passed without any replies in order to attract attention)
  3. Posting excessive walls of irrelevant text.
  4. Making humongous and meaningless quote pyramids (long nesting with quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes of quotes... you get the point)
  5. Posting obnoxious Zalgo.
  6. Excessively posting Party Links (unless requested by another user).
  7. Posting Malware or download links.
  8. Random content that is extremely obnoxious.
  9. Anything else a Discussion Mod deems to fall into this category.

What is Necroposting?

  • Posting on a thread that is about to auto-close without just cause.
  • Bringing up an inactive thread (around three or more weeks since a reply is generally the bar) to say something that brings up nothing seriously important.
    • e.g. Thread: List of Council Proposals, Reply: Lel Council is dead now
  • Discussion Mods decide the severity of necroposts on a case-by-case basis.

What is Harassment?

  1. Posting extreme swears or racial slurs with intent to insult.
  2. Continually acting in a disparaging or otherwise rude manner toward other users.
  3. Continually trying to attract the attention of and attempting to maliciously troll another person (jokes are fine, but there is a limit to what is acceptable).
  4. Anything else a Discussion Mod deems to fall into this category.

What is Slander?

  1. Bringing up random accusations.
  2. Intentionally attempting to impugn the reputation of another user instead of talking about it.
  3. Excessively making posts about a single user instead of using their message wall (can also be classed as harassment).
  4. Anything else a Discussion Mod deems to fall into this category.

Message Walls & Personal Talk Pages

Main Articles: Help:Message Wall and Help:Talk Page

All of the above rules are suspended on Message Walls and Talk Pages, and are enforced by Staff only if the Message Wall/Talk Page owner has either officially left the Wiki, is totally inactive, or if consent from the owner is acquired. The owner of each Message Wall or Talk Page may make the rules for their own Wall or Page (within reason) should they desire any. Staff not only respect, but actively enforce these rules to a limited degree. If the owner should complain that their rules have been broken, then such violations shall be treated as harassment and the penalties for which shall be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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