Got your Résumé suspended, & now you don’t know what to do? Or maybe your goal was to become an Intern all along? Either way, this page is for you.

What is an Intern?

Interns are users who have been granted temporary user rights, usually Rollback & Chat Moderator, so that they may prove themselves responsible enough to join Staff in a permanent capacity. They are not officially Staff, but for all intents & purposes they are. They act the same way, & they deserve just as much respect as full Staff.

Becoming an Intern

When you apply to join Staff, you may have your Résumé suspended. When this happens, your Résumé is put on hold, & you are invited to become an Intern for a week or so to prove your worth. If you reject this invitation, then your Résumé will be automatically rejected. Alternatively, if you know that you won’t be able to make full Staff right off the bat, or if you just want to become an Intern first, then you can specifically request to become an Intern by saying so in your Résumé. If you request to become an Intern instead of requesting to join Staff, you will become an Intern immediately instead of being invited (provided that your request is granted). Your Internship will also last for at least one week, although it can be longer. However, there is still a slim chance that your application to become an Intern will be rejected, so make sure to put a lot of effort into your Résumé to avoid this eventuality.

Note: The same criteria for becoming Staff also apply here, it is simply easier to become an Intern than Staff.

Intern User Rights

Intern User Rights are temporary of course, & last only as long as your Internship. Rollback & Chat Moderator rights are a good start to prove one’s worth, since it allows not only for full vandalism prevention & cleanup (since Rollbacks can block users as well as undo bad edits), but it also allows one to have a taste of leadership via Chat Moderator rights. Skilled & frequent usage of these two powers will see you join Staff in no time.

How to be a Good Intern

Stay active. That’s the biggest thing you can do, stay active. Don’t be afraid to use your rights simply because you’re not Staff; act like you’re already a fully fledged Staff Member, & you will likely become one. Other than that, try not to abuse your power, because it will sharply curb your chances at becoming Staff, but then again, not using your power at all will result in the same thing. It’s a thin thread to tread upon, but you’ll have to learn how to find a good balance in order to be a successful Intern. If you’d like to read more about where that line is, read this article.

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