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Want to know more about who writes the news each week? Want to join & help out? Then this is the page for you!

What is the News Team?

The News Team is an independent group of dedicated individuals who prepare the Weekly Update blogs each week. There is a membership cap of five individuals; one member per Tab, Future Plans Tab exempted.[1]

What the News Team Does — In Depth

In essence, the News Team gathers & writes the News. Each member takes responsibility (“patronage”) of one of the five Tabs, & they keep an eye out for any newsworthy events under their topic. The Tabs are thus:

  1. Changelog News Tab — The patron of this Tab watches for new news to place in that Tab. Because of the current rarity in Changelog updates, the patron of this Tab is tasked with scouring not only this Wiki, but other associated organizations such as the Subreddit & the Gamepedia for information. They are also tasked with playing often enough to conduct tests or detect unmentioned changes which are newsworthy. If all of these sources come up dry, then they are doubly tasked with helping their fellow Team Mates with their Tabs.
  2. Wiki Event News Tab — The patron of this Tab keeps up to date on all tournament standings, contest progressions, & other Wiki-Projects so they may report the necessary information.
  3. Wiki Policy News Tab — The patron of this Tab watches for Staff promotions, demotions, rule changes, new rules, et cetera, & writes about those.
  4. Tech News Tab — The patron of this Tab hounds Administrators & watches for MediaWiki changes to the Wiki such as CSS overhauls, new JS scripts, et cetera, & reports those.
  5. Future Plans Tab — The patron of this Tab keeps track of the progress of each current project in addition to scouting for new ones, placing them in that Tab.
  6. Opinion Polls Tab — The patron of this Tab drafts polls about each piece of news & organizes them into collapsible sections for people to vote in. Because this Tab is dependent upon the progression of other Tabs, & is completed latest in the Week, the patron of this Tab is required to work doubly hard to help the other News Team Members with their Tabs as well in order to earn their keep.

Members help each other with their Tabs, either by spell checking or by sharing information on the News Team Hub Talk Page [2]. Once a Weekly Update is finished, it is copied wholesale onto the blog of one of the News Team members’ blogs, which then shows up in the Wiki Staff Blog for all to read.

How the Team gathers information

The Team are not idle users; they are required to seek out pertinent information in any way that they can, be that by asking questions of users, administrators, even Fandom Staff if necessary or Zeach himself if possible. It is not limited only to the Wiki either; the Subreddit, Gamepedia, & other associated organizations are also fair game. The News Team are essentially fully fledged Journalists, & are to keep an ear to the ground at all times so that all of the necessary, newsworthy information can be brought to Wikians each week.

Normal Members

All Team Members are required to keep a close eye on the newsworthy happenings surrounding the Wiki each week. Not only are they responsible for gathering information about their patronized Tab, but for other Tabs as well; the Team is a Team after all, & are encouraged to share information with each other to ensure that nothing is missed. As they find bits of information, they are required to write it in their specific Tabs throughout the week, not just at its end.[3] Each Tab (besides the Opinion Polls Tab) must be finished & marked as done by the end of each Wednesday, & the Opinion Polls Tab by the end of Thursday. Each of the other Tabs must be reviewed by the end of Thursday as well, & on Friday either the Senior Administrator or the Team Captain will compile the checked Tabs into one blog form to be posted to the Wiki Staff Blog.

Team Captain

The Team Captain & Senior Administrator share the following responsibilities & powers:

  • Leading the Team & ensuring that they get their work done on time.
  • Administrative control over the RotM Wiki, where the News is drafted.
  • Checking & revising each Tab after it has been submitted for review.
  • Compiling the Tabs every Thursday.
  • Choosing which personal blog shall host the Weekly Update each Friday.
  • Re-assigning Tabs to different patrons if they feel the current patron is unfit to patronize it.
  • Appointing new members to the News Team.
  • Ejecting members from the News Team.[4] Administrators Administrators are Ex Officio members of the News Team, & may help out or patronize Tabs if they so choose, meaning any contribution of theirs is voluntary & not required of their position. There are a few checks on Administrator members however, enumerated below:

  1. All Administrators, including the Senior Administrator, must release their patronized Tab if a new member joins & there are no other Tabs to pick.
  2. Administrators may host Weekly News on their personal blog, but they must get permission from the Team Captain or Senior Administrator to do so.
  3. When it comes to the gathering & publishing of news, the Team Captain completely outranks Junior Administrators & may overrule them if necessary; the only equal to the Team Captain when it comes to compiling the news each week is the Senior Administrator.
  4. Administrators may not join the News Team directly, as they are already Ex Officio members.
  5. Administrators may not hold the title of Team Captain.

The News Team is designed to be as independent an organization as possible; for this reason anyone can join, not just Staff, & once there are three members on the Team, the Senior Administrator will choose one of them to be Team Captain for a period of one month (or until they step down), after which point in time another member will become Captain. The Captain is solely in charge of appointing new members to the team & with finalizing the Weekly Updates each week. In addition, the Team Captain may eject one single member from the Team during their tenure, & shall receive administrator rights on the RotM Wiki so long as they lead the Team (so that they can block rogue members & tweak the Tabber CSS if necessary). Lastly, Members may become Team Captain as many times as they are able, but they must wait at least one month after leaving office before re-taking the position.

Each Member receives the following for the duration of their tenure on the Team:

  1. Content Moderator rights on the RotM Wiki, so that they can work on the sensitive news topics without other editors interfering.
  2. A designated page on the RotM Wiki for their individual Tab.
  3. Cyan colors (which override any existing Staff colors) on the Wiki as well as the RotM Wiki.
  4. A cyan News Team Tag on their profile, again on as well as RotM.
  5. The honor of hosting Weekly Updates on their personal Blog (one member at a time).
  6. Special consideration when attempting to join Staff.
  7. Their signatures show up at the bottom of each Tab, so everyone will know who writes what.

Members are invited to join; applications will not be accepted. If someone wants to join the News Team, they must show that they are worthy of doing so. This is done by writing personal blogs. These blogs may be advertisements for other Wikis, helpful guides, petitions, most anything; they simply must be well thought out, well written, & show off a user’s literary skill. These blogs will be noticed, & if they are high quality, then the Team Captain (or the Senior Administrator if a Captain has yet to be appointed) may extend an invitation to the user to join the News Team.

De Jurë

  1. Underslime — Member.

Ex Officio

  1. Ursuul — Senior Administrator
  2. SuperRobot — Junior Administrator
  3. Nobellion — Junior Administrator


  1. Junior Administrators are usually not included in this count, although normal Staff who are also on the News Team are included.
  2. Members will be given a link to the Hub.
  3. Information uncovered by a News Team Member which does not pertain to their patronized Tab should be shared on the News Team Hub Talk Page for their Team Mates.
  4. The Team Captain may only do this one time during their monthlong tenure; however, the Senior Administrator may do so as many times as is necessary.

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