This is the page that holds general information regarding the Wikia Staff.

Current Staff

Color-Code Description
User Description About
Ursuul (Senior Admin)
Chief of Staff, Head of State, oppressive despot. Spends 95% of the time procrastinating, has no chill.
ZathusTheMageV (Senior Admin)
Honorary & advisory Bureaucrat, creative soul, beloved grandpa of our Wiki. Will occasionally yell at children to get off his lawn.
SuperRobot9338 (Junior Admin)
Active, nice, and long-standing BAnaNa. OrAToR and WOrDSmItH who will occasionally make you feel like an IDiOt in a debate. Does FUn EvENtS and occasionally CoOL PIcTurES — (s)he is the antithesis to Pragma-Ursuul.
Nobellion (Junior Admin)
Our favorite browser with tons of tricks up his sleeve; knows the secrets in the trade and is always there to help. He's a tad bit on the dank side 'cuz true dankness can't be contained. SR is his clone ;)
Teamerz (Junior Admin)
The Staff you have highest chance of meeting in the chat.
Chapsteck4yurlipis (Junior Admin)
Pretty much no-lifes Wikia and even comes on when he seriously isn't supposed to. You can find them in chat when it's active and they're online because their time zone is really off from everyone else.
Captain Hayden (Senior Moderator)
He is a high ranking officer who is a staff member on 2 other wikis. He likes to stay humble about himself and doesn't like to brag to anyone about any success he may have. He is willing to help out with any question you may have. Just go stop by at his message wall :D
Underslime (Senior Moderator)
Drone class expert that has 100% chill and is likely to be seen in chat. Also likes to procrastinate and screw up code.
QUEEN AYSHA (Sentinel)
A literal goddess. Has semi-chill, will occasionally rant. Queen of German Shepherds, all dogs, the world and everything™. Ursuul's real wife, is active almost every day. Will kick your ass in Most likely staff to see in chat. May soon be demoted.
Color Meaning
Tan Intern
Green Active Staff
Yellow Semi-Active Staff
Red Inactive Staff
White On Hiatus

Staff Rank Descriptions

Note: All Staff Members have the ability to Block users from the Wiki or ban them from Chat.

Senior Administrator

Senior Administrators are currently active Bureaucrats. Senior Admins have full power & head the Wiki.

Junior Administrators

Junior Administrators are just that; Administrators. They are community leaders with the full range of control over the Wiki, being able to exercise the rights of those below as well as edit MediaWiki & grant certain user rights. You can tell an Administrator apart from other Staff because their colors are cyan.

Senior Moderators

Senior Moderators are trusted users who have been granted Content Moderator & Discussion Moderator Rights. Content Moderator Rights allow a user to protect, unprotect, delete, & undelete pages, as well as move & edit already protected pages. Generally speaking, Senior Moderators have all available user-rights besides the ability to grant other rights or edit MediaWiki. All else is within their power to help you with, so they are the next best thing if an Admin isn’t around. You can tell a Senior Moderator apart from the rest of Staff because their colors are maroon.

Junior Moderators

Junior Moderators are trusted users who have been granted Discussion Moderator Rights, but not Content Moderator Rights. Discussion Moderator Rights allow a user to highlight forum threads, remove Message Wall & Forum posts, as well as close & reopen threads on Message Walls & Forum Boards. With the addition of Discussions, they can moderate that as well by locking posts, moving them, or deleting them. You can tell a Junior Moderator apart from the rest of Staff because their colors are green.


As the base level of Staff, Sentinels only have Chat Moderator & Rollback Rights. Rollback Rights allow them to quickly undo vandalism, as well as to Block users, while Chat Moderator Rights allow them to kick or ban users from Chat. You can tell a Sentinel apart from the rest of Staff because their colors are yellow.

Interns — Max: Five

Interns are users with temporary User-Rights. They may have Chat Moderator Rights, Rollback Rights, or both. This is to allow them to prove that they will use their rights consistently & fairly.

For more info on Interns, click here.

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