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Destroyers normal

A Red Team’s Turret getting attacked by the Blue team.

Domination is a Game Mode in It is very similar to Team DM, as you’re part of a team in both. But this game has a win condition: Capture all four Dominators. XP gain is also doubled compared to FFA, 2 Teams and 4 Teams.


Blue team destroyer

Blue team’s Dominator

This game mode is basically a Point Capture type, where two opposing teams must capture four huge turrets. Teams must defend the Dominators they currently have, while attempting to attack the other team’s Dominators. If a team captures all four Dominators on the map, they win. If Dominators are captured AFTER the Arena has closed, it will not affect the winning team.


Main article: Dominator

Dominators are the big turrets in Domination game mode.

These four turrets fire giant bullets able to destroy even the toughest tanks, but have a limited range and a long reload time. They also have a lot of health, but lack firepower to fend off the opposing team (assuming that it is already captured).

The turrets start off neutral. This means that they will attack anyone regardless of which team they are in. Neutral Dominators are yellow.

If Dominators are “defeated” while neutral, they will join the team who dealt the last hit, and take the color of the team. A player on the team may then assume control of the Dominator by pressing H.

If a red or blue Dominator is defeated by the enemy team, they will become neutral (or “Contested”) and their color will turn back to yellow again. Afterwards, their health is restored, meaning the enemy team must kill the Dominator “twice” to capture it.

End game

Once a team captures all the Dominators, Arena Closers will come and kill the normal players first. After that, they will attack the Dominators and turn them back to neutral, then the game will start again. However, the Arena Closers can destroy the Dominators while chasing the players.



Minimap of Domination game mode minus the locator.

As of July 20th, the spawnpoint for the blue team is in a corner and the red team spawnpoint is another available corner (e.g. Blue Team spawns at the top right and Red Team spawns at the top left). When a bullet touches the opposite team’s border, the border destroys it. There are 12 Protectors in each Base protecting its border. On the minimap Bases are shown as blue and red square.

The Pentagon Nest is located in the middle of the map. There are Crashers guarding it as usual, but it seems like there are more than in FFA.[Citation Needed]

At each corner of The Pentagon Nest there is a Dominator. On the minimap they are represented by 4 small squares:

  • If a Dominator is captured by any of the two teams, the squares will turn into the team’s colour. For example, if Team Red captures a Dominator, it will turn Red.
  • If a Dominator is neutral, or being contested, the squares will be Yellow.


  • Domination was added June 2nd, 2016.
  • This is the first added game mode that has win conditions.
  • You gain XP faster in this game mode since the game ends after a certain point.
  • This is the only game mode without a scoreboard.
  • On August 25th, players are now able to take control of dominators on their team by pressing H.
    • However, there must not already be a player controlling the dominator.
    • If a player takes control of a Dominator, they leave their tank behind, which will slowly lose health until it dies.
      • If the tank had Auto Fire or Auto Spin turned on, the tank left behind will continue to fire or spin until the tank dies.
  • Back to the time when there was a brown team color, there was a four team variant of the Domination. The games lasted a lot longer than normal domination games, because if the one team began winning, they would have to fight three other teams for control of not only the last Dominator, but to maintain the other three controlled.
  • If a team does not control at least 1 Dominator after 5 minutes, the game ends with no winner.
  • Dominators’ AI was updated at unknown date, now Dominators are able to predict movements of players and they shoot with mind, making it harder to dodge their attacks.
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