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Keep note that this is a suggestion, it is on this wiki for a reason, not an official tank/boss. Obviously The Creator is a contribute to the new Mini-bosses recently added to


The Creator at a glance

Design Edit

The Creator is a slightly bigger Alpha Pentagon . It has 5 launchers surrounding it. These are what release the Creator's drones.

Technical Edit

Drones Edit

The Creator's drones are new in a way. They're pentagon drones. Each drone deals twice as much damage as a regular pentagon would, same with the health it has.

Stats Edit

The Creator is has an average speed. Its reload rate is incredibly fast, 1 drone every second out of each launcher when a player is in site. Its health regen is slow, but its body damage is high. and it's health is as much as an Alpha Pentagon.

Miscellaneous Edit

Just like other bosses, it is not targeted by Base Guardians, and the Base has no effect on it what so ever.

Strategy Edit

  • Strong against: Weaker tanks, tanks with low bullet damage or penetration, ramming tanks, focused bullet spammers.
  • Weak against: Bullet spammers with high damage and penetration,DestroyerHybridOverseer/Necromancer classes.
  • The drones will hunt down any tank until it’s killed it or the tank has moved far enough away. An effective strategy is to shoot at it while the drones are distracted by another player, similar to how a Dominator can be won over by being focused on one while others shoot.
  • In team modes, you can work together with others to kill this entity.
  • Drops 15000 XP when killed.
  • Although most bullet spammers work on this tank, focused ones like the StreamlinerTwinMachine Gun, etc., will not work due to there being so many drones that they tend to surround the tank rather than all come in one direction.
  • Spread Shots are the most effective tank against the boss. The smaller bullets take out most of the squares while the larger one hits the boss. However, this can take some time and is not recommended in FFA as another tank can come and kill you.

Trivia Edit

  • If added, it would be the 5th/6th AI controlled boss in the game
    • If my Alpha Necromancer is added it will be 6th.
  • It spawns in all gamemodes
  • It's spawn rate is 3/150
  • It's the first tank to have the shape of a pentagon.