Free For All, or FFA, is a Game Mode in which players attempt to reach #1 on the leaderboard with no team or base for support, instead you must rely on yourself. To gain a position on the leaderboard players must destroy Polygons and other players to increase their score and level. The players with the top ten highest scores appear on the Scoreboard. It is the first and original gamemode added to the game.

It is considerably difficult to get to the leaderboard in FFA, but thanks to the duration of the game, you will likely re-spawn many times before Arena Closers sweep in and close the arena. Despite the fact that 2 Teams and 4 Teams are easier, it often takes way more points to get on the leaderboards in those gamemodes. This may be because more teams have their equal players to the FFA boards, doubling or quadrupling the effort to it takes to make the overall leaderboard.

The FFA game mode, compared to Domination and Mothership, has a lot more players and has no “win” condition. This means that players can keep on spawning until the arena becomes overcrowded or Arena Closers start to appear. Many beginner players prefer this game mode, as there is no end and no “official” enemies. However, this game mode, along with the 2 Teams and 4 Teams gamemodes, have the least EXP gain of all game modes.

On the July 20th update, the Tank and its Bullets are now blue while enemies and enemy Bullets are Red. This was added because Trapper versus Trapper fights were extremely difficult as nobody could discern whose traps belonged to who often resulting in a player unexpectedly ramming into the other Trapper’s trap.

Strategies Edit

  • At the start, it’s best to stay away from enemy tanks. Roam around and shoot polygons. The Pentagons are the best since they give you a lot of XP but farm Squares and Triangles first because it will take a while to kill a Pentagon and other players can steal it.
  • If you’re a low level tank, refrain from attacking strong tanks and don’t go to the Pentagon Nest yet, even though it’s the best place to farm EXP, as a lot of players also go there. It is also guarded by the Crashers, which can quickly kill you.
  • If you have a low stockpile of health, stay away from any enemy tanks you see and do not ram into any shapes, Getting hit by anything will reset the regeneration time.
  • In the beginning, should upgrade Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration first, but it depends on your build. More damage makes it easier to farm and kill other players.

Trivia Edit

  • This gamemode is the considered the second hardest game mode of all due to that everybody is your enemy. The hardest gamemode is considered Maze, due to it basically being FFA but with walls inside the arena, making it far easier to find yourself cornered with low health.
  • Up until July 20th 2016, all tanks would appear blue, but the Bullets they shot were red.
  • This gamemode’s tank design would eventually split into TDM and the current FFA, with the player’s tank being blue and shooting blue projectiles, but enemies being red shooting red projectiles.
  • A popular challenge done in FFA is to try to reach 100,000 points with any class, commonly called the 100K Challenge. It is considered extremely hard for new players but tends to become easier with time and experience. Many famous YouTubers do this challenge and thus it has spread across the community and become popular. One must switch to the class you are aiming for the moment it’s available, and the attempt must be in FFA.
  • After the 6th August 2016 update, kill notifications no longer appear if you kill a player that’s lower than you for at least 20 levels.
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