This is the page for Gameplay Strategies, put together by the community. Please do not add class-specific, game mode-specific strategies, or builds on this page. This page aims to provide general information about gameplay elements of, while at the same time acting as a useful guide for new players.

General Tips Edit

  • When the player spawns in, they should consider farming off Polygons first. It is recommended that the player should only spam bullets when they know it will not attract any attention to themself.
  • The player should try to play passive and avoid fighting a tank whom they cannot win against.
  • Early on, avoid going to the middle area, where the Pentagon Nest is, unless the game is new, as it could be flooded with stronger players.
  • In Free For All, Survival, Maze and Sandbox, the player's tank and ammunition are colored blue, while their opponents' tanks and ammunition are colored red.
    • In 2 Teams and Domination, there is a red team and a blue team. Tanks cannot harm members of their own team.
    • In 4 Teams and Tag, there is a red team, a blue team, a green team and a purple team. Tanks cannot harm members of their own team.
  • Remember to try to evade Bullets, as it can save the player's life if they are low on health.
  • The player should always expect that someone is watching them and always be ready in case someone starts shooting in their direction.
  • Use invisibility (if the player has it) to ambush tanks and to hide.
  • It is recommended for the player to not attack any tank, except for tanks at a much lower level than themself, until they have reached level 22.
Screenshot 2016-10-09 at 18.14.19
  • Avoid bumping into opponent tanks. Tanks will look exactly the same, whether they have high Body Damage or low Body Damage, so the player cannot tell which tanks can kill them via body damage. Unless the player's tank will deal high Body Damage, avoid touching other tanks.
    • An easy way to check body damage tanks is to look for signs. These signs include:

Controls Edit

  • The player moves with the WASD buttons or the arrow keys.
  • The player aims by moving the mouse.
  • The player can fire by left clicking or pressing the spacebar.
    • Classes from the Overseer branch have Drones which will follow the mouse instead of firing when Auto-Fire is on.
    • The Auto-3 and Auto-5 will allow the player to half-control nearby barrels.
  • Right-click or Shift causes drones and Auto-3/Auto-5 barrels to point away from the mouse.
  • The player can press E to activate Auto Fire, making their tank automatically fire.
  • The player can press C to activate Auto Spin, making their tank slowly spin around.
  • The player can invest in points without clicking by using the numeric keyboard. Hotkeys are shown as below.
    • Health Regen - 1
    • Maximum Health - 2
    • Body Damage - 3
    • Bullet Speed - 4
    • Bullet Penetration - 5
    • Bullet Damage - 6
    • Reload - 7
    • Movement Speed - 8
      • The player can use U + (number) to queue 1 stat upgrade.
      • The player can use M + (number) to queue 7 (or 10) stat upgrades.
        • Tap U twice to remove all queued upgrades when not looking at them.
  • The player can hold L to see their ping(latency), and which country the server being played on is being held in. They can also view their game mode.
  • The player can hold Y in-game to see the tank upgrade tree.

The HUD (Heads-Up Display) Edit

  • In the home screen (before the player starts), below the words "This is the tale of" is where the player can type their tank's name.
  • Pressing Enter will always start the game, even if the player has not entered a name.
  • Clicking one of the 8 buttons at the top will change the player's game mode. There are currently 8: Free For All, Survival, 2 Teams, 4 Teams, Domination, Tag, Maze and Sandbox.
  • Upon entering the game, the HUD appears:
    • At the top-right is the Scoreboard;
      • Free For All, Maze and Survival: The leaderboard is shown, showing the names and score of the top 10 players in the server.
        • 2 Teams and 4 Teams: Same as above, but players' score bar is colored according to their team's color.
      • Tag: The number of players in each team is shown.
      • Domination: Nothing is shown, as score does not matter in this game mode.
    • At the bottom-right is the Map.
      • Above the Map, the number of people currently playing worldwide is shown.
      • When presses and holds L, their latency will be shown, along with their domain and game mode.
    • At the lower middle is the Score bar of the player, Level bar, and their Name. In the player's Level bar, it says 'Level [player level] [class] (ie. 'Level 32 Tri-Angle').
    • The bottom-left holds the player's stats. The player can spend any of the 33 Skill Points they gain on any of the eight stats listed. Some stats benefit certain classes more than others. See Builds for more info.

Projectiles Edit

  • There are three main projectiles in the game, the Bullet, the Drone and the Trap.
    • Another kind of projectile, the Missile, was added with the March 2nd update, alongside the then unnamed Skimmer.
  • Each type of projectile has health, which is not displayed.
    • If a projectile collides with another projectile, the projectile both take damage.
  • All projectiles do damage upon touching a polygon, a tank or another projectile.
  • When a projectile does damage, it consumes their health, turning that health into damage.
    • That would mean a projectile can live if it has more health than the target.
  • Projectiles also give knockback when collided into.

Bullet Edit

  • The Bullet is the projectile fired by most tanks, such as the Basic Tank, the Twin and the Machine Gun.
  • The Bullet takes the appearance of a (usually) small circle.
  • The Bullet is not manually controlled and can only be fired in the direction the player's tank's cannon is facing.
  • Bullets despawn after travelling for 3 seconds. The distance covered can be increased by putting points into Bullet Speed.
  • Bullet Damage can be upgraded to do more damage to the target of the player.
  • Upgrading Bullet Penetration gives Bullets more health.

Drone Edit

  • The Drone is a projectile exclusive to the Overseer branch, the Hybrid, and the Overtrapper.
  • They take the appearance of a triangle (or square, in the Necromancer's case).
  • Drones have infinite range and only despawn after taking enough damage.
  • Drones have two modes, Automatic and Manual.
    • Automatic is the default mode of the drones.
      • Drones in this mode attack nearby Polygons and tanks but do not attack projectiles.
      • The Hybrid and Overtrapper drones are always in Automatic mode.
    • Manual is activated by holding left-click or spacebar, or while using Auto Fire.
      • Drones will move towards the players cursors in this state.
      • By holding right-click or Shift, the Drones will move away from the cursor instead.
  • Most Drone-controlling classes have a limit to the number of Drones they can control at a time.
    • When Drones are destroyed, they will respawn from the Drone user's spawner.
      • Putting points into Reload decreases the time between new drones spawning in, but this is unrecommended, as drones do not take very long to respawn anyways.
      • The Necromancer does not respawn Drones in this way. Instead, it creates Drones by touching Squares.

Trap Edit

  • The Trap is another projectile unique to the Trapper branch.
  • Unlike Bullets, instead of despawning when they reach their maximum amount of range, they instead lose all of their velocity and lay on the floor, lasting for a short while before despawning.
  • They work like Bullets, having their health reduced if shot at, reducing their damage done. They also do damage upon touching them.
  • The Bullet Speed for traps is drastically reduced to the point where it requires to be an extreme close-range in order to damage the targets. Bullet Speed still affects their range slightly.
  • There are three variants of Traps.
    1. The Small Trap has a small hitbox and lower health, but can easily cover an area. This type of trap is used by the Trapper, the Tri-Trapper, Overtrapper and Auto Trapper.
    2. The second is the Regular Trap, which has a bigger hitbox and more health than the Small Trap, but has a decreased lifespan. This type of trap is exclusive to the Gunner Trapper.
    3. The last type of Trap is the Mega Trap, having the largest hitbox, highest damage, but the shortest lifespan. This type of trap is exclusive to the Mega Trapper.

Missile Edit

  • The Missile is a projectile that is only used by the Skimmer and Rocketeer.
  • They look like Destroyer Bullets, except they have small Cannons on their flanks that shoot out small Bullets.
  • When shot out of the Deployer, they have very little recoil, so using this tank is not recommended if the player is going for a rammer build.
  • When the player upgrades their Bullet Stats, they apply to the Missile as well as its Bullets.

Moves Edit

Moves are a type of strategy that could be used by any tank, however experience and other important valubles must be used to create one.

In order to create a move a user must:

  • Have a name of their move.
  • Put instructions of how to use it.
  • Certain amount of points into an important stat.
  • A recommended class.
  • How well they work against bosses.

List of Currently Existing Moves Edit


  • Tanks Recommended: Anything in the Sniper range. (Except Drone controllers)
  • Recommended Stats: High Bullet Speed, Bullet Damage, Bullet Penetration and some points invested in Reload.
  • Against Bosses: Useless as bosses don't strafe
  • Instructions of use: Target a player, then aim ahead of where they are moving. If they run into your bullets, you are lucky, but if they don't, wait for them to run away, then aim bullets directly in their line of escape and slightly to the left and right. Not recommended against the Tri-Angle class or high recoil classes like the Destroyer, as they will escape easily.

Ghost Statue

  • Tanks Recommended: Stalker, Manager, Landmine.
  • Recommended Stats: Body Damage maxed, Max Health maxed, Movement Speed high or maxed and maxed or high Health Regen.
  • Against Bosses: Extremely Terrible (unless the boss is low on health)
  • Instructions of use: Turn invisible and ram opponents by surprise when they are close enough.

Speed Strike

  • Tanks Recommended: Booster.
  • Recommended Stats: good Health Regen, very good Max Health, maxed Body Damage, moderate Bullet Speed/Damage/Penetration, nearly-maxed reload, good Move Speed.
  • Against Bosses: Terrible.
  • Instructions of use: The player should race down the sideline with full speed so that their bullets only go slightly in front of them. That way there is no warning of their approach. Upon sighting tanks, chase them using bullets and (if possible) ramming to kill them.

Noobie NOT

  • Tanks Recommended: Hybrid, Destroyer, Annihilator.
  • Recommended Stats: Good Max Health, lots of reload, maxed bullet stats.
  • Against Bosses: Very Good
  • Instructions of use: The player should pretend that they are a noob (but actually a skilled player), such as shooting in an unusual and unskilled way, then surprise the enemy by revealing their non-noobiness.

Unusual Rammer

  • Tanks Recommended: Anything in the Sniper Area.
  • Recommended Stats: Maxed Health, Maxed Body Damage, Maxed Bullet Damage and Penetration.
  • Against Bosses: Terrible.
  • Instructions of use: The player should feign that they are a high-class Sniper or Drone-user but should really draw rammer tanks in, damaging them such that the player wins the battle when the ram occurs.


  • Tanks Recommended: Any drone class (except for Battleship and Overtrapper)
  • Recommended Stats: Moderate or good health, low or moderate health regen (health regen is optional means you don't really have to have it if you don't think you need it), maxed drone stats, maxed speed.
  • Against Bosses: OK
  • Instructions of use: If you see someone come by, hide your drones next to them, the enemy will try to kill you since you look defenseless but all in a sudden, quickly send your drones and damage the player. Note: This might not work against skilled players as most of them tend to react by the time the drones come on their screens making them much harder to kill.

Suicide Tank

  • Tanks Recommended: Tank (early stages, if lower than level 30), Smasher (mid-game)
  • Recommended Stats: Maxed body damage, maxed speed, low/moderate health, all other stats can be 0.
  • Against Bosses: Don't even think about it
  • Instructions of use: Use it as a hit-and-run/ambush tactic in the early to mid-game: try to find high level tanks with low fire rates and low body damage stats (try to see if they spent their upgrade points on something else) and ram into them, as killing them will earn you a lot of experience and that will eventually let you spend more upgrade points. Recommended only if opting for Smasher upgrade at level 30. Note: Skilled players will be able to defend against such attacks, so most likely this strat won't work with them. Also, strafing is recommended.

The Chaos Storm

  • Tanks Recommended: Octo Tank
  • Recommended Stats: Max bullet damage, speed, reload, and penetration
  • Against Bosses: okay but not recommended
  • Instructions of use: Recommended for team games. This is a late game move not specifically target at killing enemy tanks, rather this move is designed to cause chaos and fear in the enemy ranks. The idea is that you turn on auto spin (c) and auto fire (e) and then patrol the edge of the enemy teams safe zone but out of range of the AI drones. You the proceed to move along the safe zone while sending a large spread of bullets in every direction. This prevents the enemy from grouping together to support each other whilst scattering and sending any non ramming skilled tank scrambling back to the safe zone. It is also helpful to stay around remembers who can support you if any enemy decides to risk pushing through the horde of bullets and tries to ram you.
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