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This is the page for General Strategies, put together by the community. Please do not add class-specific, gamemode-specific or builds on this page. This page aims to inform the players who are new to playing

General Tips

  • When you spawn in, consider farming off polygons first. Only spam bullets when you know it won't attract any attention to you.
  • Try to play passive and don't try to fight a tank you can't win against.
  • Early on, avoid going to the middle area, where the Pentagon Nest is, as it could be flooded with stronger players.
  • In Free For All, Survival, and Maze, your tank is always colored blue. This is used to identify you.
    • Opponents are colored red, to identify them as your enemies.
    • Your bullets are also colored blue and the enemy's bullets will look red to you.
  • Remember that you can avoid bullets, even if you are slow or fast. This can usually save you in some situations where you are on low health.
  • Always think that someone is watching you and avoid looking like a threat because snipers can pick you off when you least expect it.
  • Use invisibility to ambush tanks.
  • It is recommended not to attack any tank except for tanks at a lot lower level until level 22.
Screenshot 2016-10-09 at 18.14.19
  • Avoid bumping into opponent tanks. Tanks will look exactly the same, whether they have high body damage or low body damage, so you can't tell which tanks can kill you just by bumping into you. Unless your tank will deal high body damage, avoid touching other tanks.
  • An easy way to check body damage tanks is to look for signs. These signs include:
    • Low bullet speed.
    • What type of tank they are and how it corresponds to use (i.e Landmine always has high Body Damage)
    • Little to no bullet penetration.
    • The damage they take from bullets is lower than normal.
    • They do not care much about hitting into shapes.


  • You move with the WASD or arrow keys.
  • You aim your tank's cannon by pointing in the direction you want to fire with mouse.
  • You can fire by holding down MOUSE1, or left click.
    • You can press E to activate Auto-Fire, making your tank automatically fire without you having to click.
    • Classes from the Overseer branch have drones which follow the mouse. They have a secondary fire that allow them to push drones away from their mouse. This can be done by holding down shift or right click in the targeted area you want your drones to be pushed away from.
  • You can press C to activate Auto-Spin, making your tank slowly spin around.
  • You can put in points without clicking by using the 1-8 keys. Keys are shown as below.
    • Health Regen - 1
    • Maximum Health - 2
    • Body Damage - 3
    • Bullet Speed - 4
    • Bullet Penetration - 5
    • Bullet Damage - 6
    • Reload - 7
    • Movement Speed - 8
      • You can also use M + (number) to automatically Max your stats.
        • Press M + (number) a second time to cancel it.
  • You can press "L" to show you your ping and which country your server is being held. Normally players would refresh when the server's country is far from their's.
  • hold down "Y" to see the tank upgrade tree at any time.


  • Below the words "This is the tale of" is where you can type your tank's name.
  • Pressing Enter will start the game regardless if you have entered a name or not
  • Pressing tab will allow you to switch between the game modes: Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Tag Mode, and Maze.
  • Upon entering the game, your HUD appears:
    • At the top-right:
      • Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Maze, Survival: The leaderboard is shown, showing the names and score of the top 10 players in the server. In Team Deathmatch, the team each player on the leaderboard is on is also shown.
      • Tag Mode, the number of players in each team is shown.
      • Domination: Nothing is shown.
    • At the bottom-right is a mini-map. Slightly above that it tells you in small text how many people are currently playing worldwide.
    • At the lower middle is your score bar. And above that, is your Level bar. In your Level bar, it says 'Level *playerlevel* *class*', so for example 'Level 32 Tri-Angle'.
    • Above the Level bar is your name. You chose it. It's in that bar unless you didn't pick a name.
    • And finally, at the bottom-left is your skill tree. You can put any skill points you gain on any of the eight stats listed. Some classes are better with certain stats than other. See Builds for more info on that.


  • There are three main projectiles in the game, the Bullet, the Drone and the Trap.
  • Each type of projectile has health, but are not displayed.
  • If a projectile collides into another projectile, the projectile with the most health wins, despawning the other projectile.
  • A projectile's health can be increased by putting points into Bullet Penetration.
    • Bullet Damage does not increase this at all, it only increases the base damage done.
  • All projectiles do damage upon touching a polygon, a tank or another projectile.
  • When a projectile does damage, it consumes their health, turning that health into damage.
    • That would mean a projectile can live if it has more health than the target.
  • Projectiles also give knockback when collided into.


  • The Bullet is the common projectile fired by many tanks.
  • The Bullet takes the appearance of a smaller circle.
  • The Bullet is not manually controlled and can only be fired in the direction your tank's cannon is facing.
  • Upgrading Bullet Penetration gives Bullets more health to destroy other bullets. Also, upgrading Penetration can make bullets hit an object multiple times, leading to faster killing.
  • Bullet Damage can be upgraded to do more damage to your target.
  • Bullets despawn after traveling a certain distance or if they are destroyed by colliding into another entity.
    • However, their distance covered can be increased by putting points into Bullet Speed, increasing the bullet's speed.


  • The Drone is another projectile, exclusive to the Overseer Branch, the Hybrid, and the Overtrapper.
  • They take the appearance of a triangle but appear as a square when playing as the Necromancer.
  • Drones have infinite range, meaning that they cannot despawn unlike other projectiles, but can only despawn if destroyed.
    • Technically, they don't have infinite range when used in Manual Mode, where they are only limited to travelling around the player's field of vision.
  • Drones have two modes, Automatic and Manual.
    • Automatic is the normal mode of the drones, activated by not holding MOUSE1 or using Auto-Fire.
    • Drones in this mode attack nearby polygons and tanks but do not attack projectiles.
    • The Hybrid class always has this mode on.
    • Manual is the secondary mode of the Drones, being activated by holding MOUSE1 or using Auto-Fire.
    • Drones can be freely controlled by your mouse in this state, simply point in the direction you want them to go and they'll go to that direction.
    • They can only be moved within your field of vision but can be moved out by pushing them out of your view by holding MOUSE2, where they will move away from your mouse.
  • Each drone-controlling class has a limit to the number of drones they can control at a time.
  • When drones are destroyed, they are not destroyed forever. They soon respawn from the drone user's spawner and rejoin the group of drones.
    • Putting points into reload delays the time before new drones are spawned in, but this is unrecommended, as drones don't take that long before respawning.
    • The Necromancer cannot reload drones. Instead, it creates drones by touching squares, corrupting them to its own side.
    • However, to compensate, the Necromancer instead can control two more drones per point into Reload.


  • The Trap is the last projectile, unique to the Trapper branch.
  • They take the appearance of concave hexagons with three-fold symmetry, similar to triangles with sides slightly curved inwards.
  • Unlike bullets, instead of despawning when they reach their maximum amount of range, they instead lose all of their bullet speed and lay on the floor, lasting for a short while before despawning.
    • Each Trapper's traps despawn at a different time, the Tri-Trapper's being the shortest life span.
  • They work like bullets, having their health reduced if shot at, reducing their damage done. They also do damage upon touching them.
  • The Bullet Speed for traps is drastically reduced to the point where it requires to be an extreme close-range in order to damage the targets. Bullet Speed still affects their range slightly, however.
  • There are three variants of Traps.
    1. The first is the Small Trap, having a smaller hitbox, lower health and can cover an area easily. This type of trap is exclusive to the Trapper itself.
    2. The second is the Regular Trap, having a bigger hitbox and more health than the Small Trap but can only cover few areas (decreased lifespan).This type of trap is exclusive only to the Gunner Trapper, Overtrapper, and Tri-Trapper.
    3. The last type of Trap is the Mega Trap, having a large hitbox, high damage but short lifespan. This type of trap is exclusive only to the Mega Trapper.

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