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For the the lesser version of this Boss, see Crasher.
Triangle Boss Trans.

What the Guardian Looks like.

The Guardian of the Pentagons, or simply called the Guardian, is an AI-controlled Boss which has a chance of spawning 10-14 minutes after the server starts and 15-24 minutes after the death of the previous Boss. It rapidly shoots out Crashers at any player above level 15 unless provoked in its range. It was added secretly on the 18th of August, 2016.


It features a large pink triangle that looks like a large Crasher as its body. The tank also features a short, trapezoidal Spawner on the bottom, which spawn Crashers.



It spawns 6 Crashers every second and each of them has approximately 7.1 HP. It is able to have a maximum of 24 such Crashers around. Crashers will chase the first player above level 15 it locks onto until the player moves out of range of the Guardian or is destroyed. The Guardian’s speed and damage is about the same as a maxed Overseer. The Crashers live for about 10 seconds before despawning. The Crashers are also as small as the Mothership’s. When the tank dies, its Crashers die alongside it similar to Overseer’s Drones. The Guardian will not target invisible players or players under level 15 unless provoked.


It has 3,000 health points and it regenerates its health slowly. It also possesses high Reload, but with only one Spawner. Its Movement Speed is fairly slow but significantly increases when the tank shoots Crashers. This is due to its recoil. Its field of view is slightly larger than the Hunter’s field of view. Upon destruction, it awards 30,000 experience and score points to the player who killed it.  


Strong against: Weak tanks, tanks with low penetration, ramming builds. Weak against: High DPS, High Bullet Penetration, Overseer/Sniper classes.

Against the Guardian

  • This Boss used to have 1/3 the health of an Alpha Pentagon, though it now has much more HP. It releases Crashers at an incredible rate, which then lock on to the nearest player. Once locked on, all of its minions will attack that player until it is either dead or out of range.
    • They will stay locked on even if another player approaches the main body, so it is wise to sneak in to attack when the minions are distracted by someone else.
    • The Boss itself will not seek to ram you but will continue on a predetermined course, making it wise to wait until it has moved into a safer area before taking it on.
    • With six points in Drone Health, Drone Damage, and Drone Count, a Necromancer can easily destroy all of its Crashers and kill the Guardian itself relatively easily, although there may be a few Crashers left over if its minions are hit head on or if the Drone Count is low.
  • In team modes, it’s wise to fight against the Guardian with a teammate since the other teammate since the Guardian only focuses on one player at a time. You will also be much more likely to kill the Guardian with a teammate around.
  • The Guardian will “forgive you” if you harm it under level 15, escape, and come back.


  • The Boss was once named by fans as “Triangle Boss” and later “Crasher Spawner” when there was no official name given to this boss.
  • It is the first Boss Tank to be added into the game, the next boss to be added is the Summoner
  • Originally, it had no official name. The developers have announced the name as “Guardian”. Its full name is “Guardian of the Pentagons”.
  • Guardian and Guardian of the Pentagons are mentioned ingame. It’s name above the boss and when there is a you’ve killed it Notification, it will be mentioned as Guardian, but when there is a notification that says it spawned or who destroyed it, it will be mentioned as Guardian of the Pentagons.
  • Like the Summoner, part of its name can be shown above the tank.
  • Interestingly, it may spawn anywhere, not only in the Pentagon Nest, making it the first Crasher to do so.
  • If you cause damage only to its Crashers while being under level 15, then you will be attacked by the Crashers which received the damage from you. Interestingly, other Crashers won’t attack.
  • When idle, this Boss slowly circles the arena until it sees a player.
  • The Boss has been buffed after being released.
  • Its crashers reward no XP when killed unlike in the Pentagon Nest.
    • This is because that the Crashers are technically ammunition (bullets, drones, or traps) instead of a polygon (like the Pentagon Nest crashers).


  • Close-up of the Guardian with its name tag
  • Another close-up of the Guardian
  • The Notification that comes up when the Guardian spawns
  • Death by the high number of Crashers spawned as a Necromancer.
  • The Guardian
  • Isolated Design of the Guardian
  • A Penta Shot being attacked by the Guardian
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