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The Map, also called Minimap, appears at the lower right corner and displays an overview of the layout of the player’s current game mode, along with their location & direction facing (indicated with a black triangular pointer). All game modes have a map that shows the outline of the area, the team bases, Dominators and your tank’s location. It does not show any other Players or Bosses though.

Game Modes

All of the game modes have different map layouts. FFATag & Sandbox have a very similar map but don’t have any team bases as there is no need for teams.


Tag mode used to have a Dominator that was in the middle of the Map, where the Pentagon Nest is. Now tag has a map that is Similar to FFA, but the map shrinks over time. This was probably to make catching tanks easier if only one tank is still rebelling the winning team.


The Domination game mode consists of two team bases that can be randomly placed in any of the four corners of the map, though the Blue base will always be on the left-hand side and vice versa for the Red Base. Each base is the size of the 4 Teams game mode bases (that contain protectors), but also add four much smaller bases in the middle which are used by the Dominator which the player can take over and then press H on their keyboard and control that base. The game objective and win condition is for the player’s team to defeat all four Dominators and take over all four bases.

4 Teams / 2 Teams

Team maps consist of either two bases that are evenly spaced around the corners or sides of the map. 4 Teams has four teams consisting of blue, purple, green and red, and 2 Teams game mode consists of two teams, one red (right) and the other blue (left), which are placed at opposite sides of the map spreading from the top to the bottom.


Maze consists of a randomly generated map terrain of walls that no tank body or bullet can enter, though Barrels and other Weapons can enter Maze Walls.


  • The Map was added on May 31st, 2016


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