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Welcome to the community corner, visitor! This will be a user guide for those new users who may be stuck on how to edit and who to go for help. Hopefully, this guide can help clear these things up for you and can help you go on your way to becoming the best editor you can be. Check this out for now.

How do I edit?
1 The first thing you can do to be a good editor is to always use proper grammar when you are editing articles. We want to look as professional as possible so please look to use spellcheck frequently or to google search bigger words to make sure they are spelled correctly. We don't mind if you use the European alternatives to words here (ex. color or colour) but we ask to please not discriminate against those editors who use an alternate spelling to the same word as it makes us look internationally intolerant.
2 If you speak another language like Spanish, French or even Turkish please check out those wikis too and help us edit their pages and wikis to help us catch up to them in informational capacity; but if you choose to edit there, make sure you can actually speak the language first as using solely Google Translate can lead to many problems and errors in translations.

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