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Glad you could stop by visitor! This will be a short user guide for new users who may be stuck on how to edit & who to go for help. Hopefully, this guide can help clear these things up for you & can help you go on your way to becoming the best editor you can be.

How do I edit?

  • Check out Tonn Lenk’s Guide for basic tips on which editor to use, which spellings to use, etc.
  • Read the Style Guide for guidelines on how to write pages.

What can I edit?

  • While Anonymous editing is enabled on our Wikia, anyone can create an account very easily. This lets you post in Discussions, maintain a Profile, and much more. Our Forum in particular has much to offer; everything from games, to Q&A, to General Discussion.
  • On some of our popular pages, you must be an Autoconfirmed User (a user whose account is four days old) in order to be able to edit them. Be sure to log in now & edit in other areas while you wait!
  • Do not edit other people’s profile pages, unless they grant specific permission to do so. Doing this without permission will result in a short ban.

Who do I go to for help?

  • Check out the Staff page to see a list of Staff, who can answer many of your inquiries. You can also contact them via the Ask the Mods Category on Discussions.
  • Other users may be able to answer your question as well! Check out the Q&A Board!