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Animated GIFs of Managers, Stalkers, & Landmines fading in and out of invisibility are needed for the following pages:

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As per this thread, the Bugs Page is soon to be deleted! Bugs from that page need to be moved to their appropriate pages using the proper templates & headers. If you’d like to learn how to help, check the Style Guide for more info. If you’d like to see a page with a completed bug section, check out the Mothership Page. Once each Bug is moved from the Bugs Page to their appropriate pages, then those Bugs should be removed from the Bugs Page until it is completely empty; once that happens, the Bugs Page will be deleted.

User-Groups Pages Badge-ContentModerator.svg

User-group pages still need to be created. If you feel you have the know-how to write them, then a checklist will be provided below, along with already created pages that you may mirror.

Local Groups

  1. Code AdministratorsDone Check
  2. SentinelsDone Check
  3. ModeratorsDone Check
  4. Community AdministratorsDone Check
  5. AdministratorsDone Check
  6. BureaucratsDone Check
  7. BotsDone Check
  8. CheckUsersNot Started XMark

Global Groups

  1. Bot-globalNot Started XMark
  2. PowerusersNot Started XMark
  3. CouncilorsDone Check
  4. GDMFramework established Check

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Open Project
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