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Our Community is currently working on two main projects (listed in order of priority):

  1. Improvement and expansion of pages.
  2. Cleanup of pages.

If you would like to help improve our wiki, please click the blue button.

Show Instructions Improvement
  1. Pick a page in
  2. Remove any errors and make sure it meets the Style Guide.
  3. Add information wherever it is lacking. Expansion
  1. Pick an Arras page that doesn't exist.
  2. Add it using a similar page as an example.
  3. At a minimum, make sure it has an infobox, introduction, navbox, and a few sentences. Cleanup
  1. Pick a page in (especially ones in Category:Cleanup).
  2. Fix any errors, such as typos, repetitious links, and erroneous data.
  3. Add information and images wherever necessary.

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Animated GIFs of Managers, Stalkers, & Landmines fading in and out of invisibility are needed for the following pages:

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User-Groups Pages Badge-ContentModerator.svg

User-group pages still need to be created. If you feel you have the know-how to write them, then a checklist will be provided below, along with already created pages that you may mirror.

Local Groups

  1. UsersNot Done XMark
  2. Autoconfirmed usersNot Done XMark
  3. Code AdministratorsDone Check
  4. SentinelsDone Check
  5. ModeratorsDone Check
  6. Community AdministratorsDone Check
  7. AdministratorsDone Check
  8. BureaucratsDone Check
  9. BotsDone Check

Global Groups

  1. CouncilorsDone Check
  2. GDMDone Check

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