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The Mega Smasher was a class added on the 30th of July, 2016, and was removed from the game on August 7th because it served no purpose after the knockback reduction bonus was removed from all Smashers, and as its only improvement from the previous class was added knockback reduction, the Mega Smasher was a superfluous class. The Mega Smasher previously upgraded from the Smasher.

Design Edit

The Mega Smasher looked very similar to the normal Smasher, but had a much larger outer hull, which was about twice as big than Smasher's hull.

Technical Edit

Like the Smasher, it suffered less knockback from projectiles, but had more knockback resistance than Smasher, as well as being far more durable. However, it was slightly slower than Smasher. Due to the slower Movement Speed, some players preferred not to upgrade, and instead stuck with the Smasher, or upgraded to the Landmine for its ability to turn invisible. Like the rest of the tanks in the Smasher branch, its Stats could be upgraded up to 10. However, like the other Smashers, it could only have points in Movement Speed, Health Regeneration, Max Health and Body Damage.

Strategy Edit

  • Strong Against: Slow Tanks, Snipers, Smasher and Landmine
  • Weak Against: Bullet Spammers such as the Triplet or Sprayer, Drone classes like the Overseer and Overlord.
  • Similar strategies to the Smasher apply.
  • Avoid Overseers and Overlords.
  • Mega Smashers were perfect guards/teammates for any tank with high coverage, such as the Penta Shot or Octo Tank, as well as Overseers & Overlords, as their weakness is a lack of defense.
  • Mega Smashers could outmatch all non-Smasher body build tanks, the main problem being slower speeds, so it was advisable to invest in Movement Speed.
  • Bullet Spammers are very hard to ram, it is best to keep away from them.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to the thicker hexagonal shell, this tank looked like the largest playable tank in the game.
  • Like the Smasher, the developers originally wanted this to be a secret tank branch, but after everyone realized its existence, they revealed it in the Changelog and added another upgrade alongside it, Landmine.
  • The most likely replacement for this class is the Spike, since it has increased body damage.
  • This is the second class removed from the game, the first being the Machine Gun II. The Mega Smasher was removed because the knockback reduction ability of the Smasher branch was removed, rendering the Mega Smasher a completely useless Upgrade, as its only purpose was to increase knockback reduction.
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