This article is for the original Mega Trapper. For the equivalent, see Arras:Mega Trapper.

The Mega Trapper is one of the five Upgrade choices of the Trapper that are available at Level 45. It was added on July 18th, 2016, and was named later that day. It does not further upgrade.

Design Edit

The Mega Trapper features a circular body and a bigger version of the Launcher. When upgraded to, the Mega Trapper decreases the Reload but increases the size and strength of the Traps.

Technical Edit

  • Traps are much larger but are proportionally weaker to knockback. They are also 2.56 times as durable as a normal trap.
  • Firing rate is heavily decreased in comparison to the Trapper.
  • Fires with more recoil than the Trapper but much less than the Destroyer.

Strategy Edit

As the Mega Trapper Edit

Presumably similar tactics to that of the Destroyer are effective and used mainly at short range. If the player is to encounter a Tri-Angle or a Booster, they have to predict the movements of the enemy and place Traps according to predicted locations of the enemy.

The Mega Trapper (and other Trapper classes), if used correctly, can be major counters to the Penta Shot and the Spread Shot. When the opponent shoots toward them, the player can approach the opponent with Auto Fire on. The Mega Traps would completely block the opponent’s spread bullets (assuming bullet stats are maxed), and once close enough, the Mega Traps would collide with the opponent, thus killing them.

The Mega Trapper is also capable of barging open trap walls of other Trapper classes, thus destroying the defense of the opponent. However, Trapper classes that have some other way of defense like the Auto Trapper (Auto Turret), Gunner Trapper (two Gunner Barrels), or the Overtrapper (Drones), are harder to destroy.

The Mega Trapper dominates the Maze mode. Its Traps are large enough that they can completely block tunnels. Remembering this technique is important especially in defensive scenarios, like when a Mega Trapper gets cornered by an enemy, or when trying to lock down an area.

This tank is also effective in the Domination and Mothership[1] modes, as it could hide behind the Mothership or Dominator, and build a strong wall to protect it, due to the large Traps and the lack of Movement Speed of the Mothership/Dominator.

It must be remembered that, like all Trappers, the Mega Trapper is a defensive tank, and must be used so. The ideal Game Mode for this tank is a team mode (for mid-field bases, or fortifying the Pentagon Nest), or Maze (for trapping enemies). It is of paramount importance that the player not treat this as an offensive tank.

Against The Mega Trapper Edit

All players must stay away from the Mega Trapper and its Mega Traps. Body Damage classes will not survive, so Smasher and Tri-Angle classes have to retreat on sight.

The Mega Trapper uses strong and dangerous Traps to attack and defend. However, its traps are also weaker to knockback and the tank's Reload reduced. The player can take advantage of this by using a concentrated DPS (Damage Per Second) tank like the Triplet, Streamliner, or Gunner classes. The player has to pressure the Mega Trapper constantly by shooting through holes in the Trap wall, thus killing the opponent through attrition.

The Factory can use the strategies above while attacking from multiple angles at once, destroying traps when necessary.

The Assassin and Hunter branches are also surprisingly effective against Mega Trappers since they can sneak bullets through the Mega Trap wall holes. The opponent would be too busy trying to patch any holes in the wall and would be susceptible to being flanked.

Trivia Edit

  • This was one of the 5 tanks added in the July 18th 2016 Update.
  • As of that update, it is the second Upgrade of the Trapper with a name, the first being the Tri-Trapper.
  • Many already compare this to the Destroyer, due to it being a larger version of an existing tank.

Gallery Edit

Footnotes Edit

  1. Mothership was removed, however.
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