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aka duck anon or mlg_noscoper and other stuf

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July 16, 2016
  • I live in i live in carnbarn land
  • I was born on December 26
  • My occupation is destroy justin bieber and his clones with my MLG minigun
  • I am yes
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  • i ronnhj meaaamemem XD!111zxdd < LE THE LE MOST LE IRONY MISPEL EVER LULZ!

    • xxxddd
    • le irony memhe
    • 5:01GunnerTeamle petit armadillo
    • 5:01El armadillole i le know le the le most le leiest le misspelling le ever le !
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  • I saw your list with things you dont like.

    in there you said you dont like people using cancer as an insult.

    there is nothing wrong with disliking that, but i just wanna point out that you called the list "cancer of the internet" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • You can be nice, but rn you're spamming, necro-posting, doing stupid things, putting a thing on your wall that says the staff are cancer, and after all this still making a resume to join staff.

    Stop it or else Ursuul will ban you. Final warning. 

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    El armadillo
    El armadillo closed this thread because:
    Yeah ok i will stop breaking the "rules". Closed this because i don't really want an argument to somehow start.
    15:10, February 18, 2017
  • people that say homework/school is boring and suseless and doesn't teahc you anything

    my tag (YES, BECAUSE HAVING A NUMBER ON YOUR PROFILE IS WHAT EVERYONE WANTS!!!!!) (but seriously, NOOBODY wants to do this, weren't tiers and colors removed anyways??????)




    people that use really outdated memes incorrectly

    people that call people grammar nazi's and also think they are douchebags for some reason

    people that think ANY image with text is considered a meme

    people that think there are philosoraptor "memes", grumpy cat "memes", and shit like that. (just callging any example of a meme a meme. like putting a bunch of good gu ygreg pics and say "look at these funny memes i found!!!!")

    People That Talk Like This For No Actual Good Understandable Reason


    the mods on these wikis

    people thta make unfunny self deprecating jokes

    people that constantly use "cancer", "retarded", "faggot", "neckbeard", and "autistic" as insults and shit like that.



    TOTMG (total jerk)

    kuro (extremely facepalm worthy)

    AC1337 (also extremely facepalm worthy)

    theamazingatheist (i have seen enough to know that he is a complete douchebag)

    people that ruin good things with unfunny dank memes

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    QUEEN AYSHA closed this thread because:
    I'm probably gonna get backlash for this, but I'm closing this thread. Let it be known that I (ME, not Ursuul) deem this as violating the rule of "No harassment" because making a list of things and people you hate then putting all of the staff on the list for literally no reason is stupid and shouldn't be something that's tolerated here. There is nothing fruitful about diep, games, challenges, or other normal things to discuss here, so this crosses the line.
    12:54, February 20, 2017
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    • El armadillo wrote:
      QUEEN AYSHA wrote:
      How nice that I am cancer.

      It's going to be so fun invading people's bodies and causing them to die and lose their families forever.

      Even though I'm cancer  I'm probably the fastest accurate typer here, but somehow I guess I don't have fingers, cuz cancer doesn't have fingers either.

      That means that Bananas are cancer too. You must be dead because you've probably eaten something with banana in it.

      So actually I can't be cancer beause if I'm cancer that means bananas are cancer, and I've eaten bananas but cancer kills you and I can't type if I'm dead, especially not this fast (the typing, not the death).

      So thanks for telling me I'm a corpse now. 'ppreciate it.

      Since everyone on this wiki has ate a banana, that means we all died of cancer.

      Not me.

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    • wow. ima carcer despite extreme good reputation. good. now get lost

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  • Y u like to post lots of random crap on your own wall?

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  • Stop necroposting. Period.


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  • Another unnecesarry destruction 

    - me, you fucking retard. WHo else?

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  • can someone make a mirrored version of this GIF? 

    for my profile

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  • On my message wall you said you don't need edits.

    Well the tag besides your name sais something diferent.....

    edit farmer.....

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    • Apparent;y the mods call me that, because they think the only reason i edit so much is just to get some retarded number next to my image.


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