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Banned From Chat
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August 27, 2016
  • I live in Calgary, AB, Canada
  • I was born on March 22
  • My occupation is Grade 8 Student and Queen of The World and Queen of German Shepherds
  • I am Female (OBVIOUSLY)

Welcome to Canine Heaven! What? Wrong place? Woops. Welcome to my message wall, have a taco! Come sit on this big comfy couch of fellowship with me! Say whatever you like, although I prefer if it's profanity-less, and no spamming. Hope you are having a great day!

P.S: Feel free to post why you're here, here, because I stole that idea from Zombie Jotuc.

Because SR told me to go here. Now somebody say something. ~Me
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  • You're entitled to keep them for one month, as you were not dishonourably kicked from Staff.

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  • i am really wordless right now.........straight into the grave......goodbye.....i might leave anyway.......this is too much for me..........................

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  • Stop talking to Sm. Until you are both ready to sit down & try to reconcile your differences, & let water flow under the bridge, I want you to avoid her like the plague. Don’t talk to her, it just leads to chaos. There is nothing constructive that will come of it until you are both willing to forgive each other. Attempting to start an argument without a reconciliatory goal in mind just results in you both getting mad at each other & me getting stuck in the crossfire, so don’t talk to her.

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    QUEEN AYSHA closed this thread because:
    See ya everyone, hope you do great things and stuff.
    02:17, February 27, 2017
    • See, I told Nobellion you would get mad at me. I knew it. .-.

      I'm totally willing to forgive smg, I was just asking her some questions, she's just mad. I am also totally willing to not talk to her, so I won't, like you say. I thought she had forgiven and forgotten, I was wrong. 

      I do love so much how you say that I was "attempting to start an argument without a reconciliatory goal in mind". Guess that's what asking one or two questions about a bot equates to now. I knew you were gonna blame me, I knew it. 

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    • I am not at all mad at you. I am simply telling you what I told Sm; until you can both make up & stop getting into fights all the time, stop talking to each other.

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    • Thank you, Aysh. I apologize for the sternness of all this, but this is becoming a recurring issue.

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  • Because you have Content Mod rights, you are able to rename (move) pages. However, you do not have access to Özün Oldun, who has a script that will take care of most of the issues that occur when moving pages. Because of this, if you want to move a page, you should not do so yourself, but instead get an Admin who knows how to use the script Özün Oldun has that moves pages properly.

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  • Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 9.43.25 AM

    Pretty good, if I do say so myself.

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    • Continue protecting pages
    • Clean up Ranger strategy section
    • Learn more code (eg. CSS word meanings, magic words, etc etc)
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  • Links now look good again — they don't claw at your eyeballs anymore.

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  • but, dogs

    removing a conception?

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    • How is it that Water76 immediately goes onto SFU's wall and posts something that very few know of?
    • As the very first edit?
    • 4:56QUEEN AYSHAHUh?!
    • 4:56Smgamermat77Very suspicious.
    • I got my eyes on you boi
    • Welcome to the Pentagon Nest! (Chat Rules
    • 4:56Smgamermat77like a damn hawk
    • 4:57101coolerXD'
    • 4:57QUEEN AYSHA"0 edits"
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • 4:57Smgamermat77Oh no he posted something today but it was deleted shortly afterwards.
    • 4:57QUEEN AYSHAhow the hell could he post somethin while still having 0 edits?
    • 4:57101coolerhi Ur
    • 4:57Smgamermat77He has 1 edit
    • and 1 contribution
    • And his account was created today
    • and immediately posted on SFU's wall
    • despite ALL THE OTHER CRAP the wiki has to offer.
    • 4:58QUEEN AYSHAoh.....
    • 4:58Smgamermat77Water76 is not just some innocent user.
    • 4:58QUEEN AYSHAthat's fuckin suspicious as hell
    • and he's not saying anything......
    • I bet he's monitoring us.
    • 4:58101coolerI just looked at it to I went to his conts
    • 4:58Nobellionlol
    • 4:59QUEEN AYSHAShould I kick him......?
    • WATER76 has been killed by enemy team tank, Smgamermat77
    • 4:59101cooleridk
    • 4:59Smgamermat77Kicked for suspicious activity.
    • 4:59QUEEN AYSHAoh no....
    • 4:59NobellionLol his contrib
    • 4:59101cooler activity
    • lol
    • 4:59Nobellionwhy do you have the gay flag as one of your rewards on SomeoneFedUp's wall
    • Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 4:59Smgamermat77yeah
    • 4:59Teamerzgay flag?
    • wat
    • 4:59QUEEN AYSHABecause Ursuul was an idot ._.
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • 4:59Teamerzwher
    • 5:00QUEEN AYSHA(They're calling him a faggot)
    • 5:00Smgamermat77No we're not.
    • 5:00QUEEN AYSHA(They were calling him a faggot)
    • 5:00101cooler
    • 5:00Teamerzwhers the gay flag mdal
    • 5:00101coolerIm gif talking sortof
    • 5:01QUEEN AYSHAWait.....
    • Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:01QUEEN AYSHAWikia?
    • 5:01Smgamermat77Ursuul please ban the account WATER76 for being an illegal alt.
    • 5:01101coolerUrsuul! ARE u there
    • 5:01Smgamermat77fuckin hell
    • 5:01QUEEN AYSHAWikia is greeting new users?????
    • 5:02Smgamermat77Hold on I gotta go sort out some shit with Ursuul
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:02101coolerhi Ursuul
    • I am playing Bloons Supermonkey 2 mobile
    • 5:02Smgamermat77I'm trying to spam ping ursuul
    • WATER76 has spawned into the arena! 
    • WATER76 has been killed by enemy team tank, Smgamermat77
    • 5:03101coolerWAT
    • 5:03Smgamermat77Yeah no shit.
    • 5:03QUEEN AYSHAYeah but I gotta see shit to believe it
    • SuperRobot9338 has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:03101cooler(denied)
    • :(
    • 5:03Teamerzwho cares if its rifleman
    • 5:03QUEEN AYSHAWATER76=FOXTEL24=Rifleman22
    • 5:03101coolerSOMEBODY fix the emotes button
    • SuperRobot9338 has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:04Smgamermat77Emotes button will most likely not exist
    • causes lots of lag
    • 5:05Teamerzblame ursuul
    • 5:05Smgamermat77I know what rifleman is trying to do right now - which is exactly why I'm trying to spam the shit out of ursuul.
    • SuperRobot9338 has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:05QUEEN AYSHAWhat is he trying to do
    • 5:06Smgamermat77You have requested classified information.
    • 5:06QUEEN AYSHAOh no no no
    • I'm your superior boi (girl)
    • lass, whatever
    • tell me
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:06Smgamermat77Nope.avi
    • SuperRobot9338 has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:07Teamerzlol. classified.
    • 5:07Smgamermat77But it is
    • or...
    • kinda was
    • 5:07Teamerzits not aysha
    • 5:07Smgamermat77Not classified - but I ain't tellin you either way
    • 5:08Teamerzshe has good reasons
    • Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • SuperRobot9338 has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:08Smgamermat77Ursuul you faggot
    • listen up
    • 5:08QUEEN AYSHAAnd WHY is that? Are you TRYING to get him to DESTROY everything?
    • 5:08Smgamermat77He can't destroy shit (at least physical data on the wiki)
    • This is personal affairs business.
    • 5:09Teamerzsee aysha, thats why, telling it will just cause people to freak out
    • like you
    • 5:09QUEEN AYSHAI'm not feeaking out about him being here
    • 5:10Teamerzu r
    • Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • Oo1oo2oo3oo4 has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:10QUEEN AYSHAI'm freaking out about smg holding back information on purpose about a vandal and not giving her reasons for doing so
    • 5:10Smgamermat77Because he's a vandal. That's good enough.
    • 5:10Teamerzi didnt ask aysha
    • 5:11Smgamermat77And this doesn't involve you.
    • 5:11QUEEN AYSHAcan you-
    • 5:11Teamerzand i wont even bother to listen
    • 5:11Oo1oo2oo3oo4ummm hi
    • 5:11Teamerzhi
    • 5:11QUEEN AYSHAIt technically involves every single person here, especially alts that are being attacked by him for being underage
    • hi
    • 5:12Oo1oo2oo3oo4wtf is going on here?
    • 5:12QUEEN AYSHAThey're the ones bothering me and trying-
    • 5:12Smgamermat77Unless you want to go data-mining for secrets back during the staff purge, then I suggest you don't ask.
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:12QUEEN AYSHAsmg knows things about rifleman-
    • I do want to go data-mining for info back from the staff purge
    • 5:12Smgamermat77Then go right on ahead.
    • 5:12QUEEN AYSHAyou just staed my exact intentions
    • 5:12Teamerzyou dont need to know everything
    • 5:12QUEEN AYSHAbut-
    • 5:12Oo1oo2oo3oo4everybody is still talking about the staff purge
    • SuperRobot9338 has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:13QUEEN AYSHAno point looking for treasure if you don't even know which continent it's in
    • 5:13Teamerzthen dont look for it
    • Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:13Teamerzsimple
    • 5:13QUEEN AYSHAPeople are going to ME and losing their shit about Rifleman and Ursuul both being evil
    • I dunno what to say
    • 5:14Smgamermat77I just got done sweeping the last of the information in the trash. Good luck finding it.
    • SuperRobot9338 has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:14QUEEN AYSHAWait, why are you hiding stuff?
    • 5:14Smgamermat77Because hiding things makes them harder to find.
    • 5:14QUEEN AYSHAIs "He's a vandal" your actual reason for that?
    • Pewdeipie72 has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:14Smgamermat77Of course it's not.
    • 5:14QUEEN AYSHA._.
    • .......
    • 0 edits!
    • 5:14Teamerztbh smg, at this point you are just being a bitch
    • Kuro redfox has spawned into the arena! 
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:15Oo1oo2oo3oo4OMG ITS TIME
    • 5:15QUEEN AYSHAsmg likes being a bitch
    • 5:15Oo1oo2oo3oo4DURRRRRRRRRRRR MATCH
    • 5:15Smgamermat77And I don't care about those opinions.
    • 5:15QUEEN AYSHAhuh?
    • 5:15Teamerzfacts
    • GellyPop has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:15QUEEN AYSHAI'm so confused rn
    • 5:15Teamerznot opinions
    • 5:15101coolerback
    • 5:15Smgamermat77Opinions are just forms of facts in the eyes of the beholder.
    • ither tell me the answers to my questions or relax and stop raging
    • 5:16Smgamermat77And facts are just forms of opinions in the eyes of the behilder.
    • 5:16Kuro redfoxPlease tell this to 001:
    • 5:16Ursuuloh god are we going on about Rifleman again
    • it’s just one dude
    • 5:16QUEEN AYSHASmg is....
    • exactly
    • 5:16Kuro redfoxI can't battle now ,but maybe 3 hrs later can.
    • 5:16Oo1oo2oo3oo4i might be watching a movie then
    • 5:16QUEEN AYSHAthe bigger issue is smg holding back the info and laughing about it not rifleman
    • 5:16Smgamermat77I'm not raging. I'm just trying to get yall off my ass.
    • 5:16QUEEN AYSHAI tried to tell em that
    • 5:16Kuro redfoxGtg
    • 5:16Oo1oo2oo3oo4also i dont really care about the match tbh
    • i already won the championship
    • on the tourney
    • 5:17QUEEN AYSHAsmg, you don't need to wax philosophical poetic about opinions vs. facts to get me off your ass
    • also, that's EXTREMELY cocky of you to say, Oo1
    • 5:17Smgamermat77Oo1 the savage
    • 5:18QUEEN AYSHAI do recall beating you in tourney practice matches at least three times
    • Kuro redfox has been chased away by enemy tanks.
    • 5:18Smgamermat77
    • 5:18QUEEN AYSHAIsn't pewdiepie72 also rifleman
    • Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • SuperRobot9338 has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:19Smgamermat77More than likely.
    • 5:19QUEEN AYSHA!
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:19Smgamermat77Since neither of them want to say anything.
    • Pewdeipie72 has been killed by enemy team tank, QUEEN AYSHA
    • 5:19Oo1oo2oo3oo4why did you kick Pewdeipie72
    • 5:19QUEEN AYSHAIf he is then kill him-
    • 5:19Smgamermat77The same reason I kicked WATER76
    • 5:19QUEEN AYSHAbecause smg kicked the other person she thought was rifleman
    • ^
    • 5:19SuperRobot9338HOLY SHIT
    • 5:20QUEEN AYSHAExcept smg has totally different intentions and calls this "personal affairs"
    • 5:20SuperRobot9338THE WIKI'S ALIVE BOZ!!!
    • 5:20Smgamermat7710 if you count those illegal alts
    • 5:20Oo1oo2oo3oo4well this chat is becoming very dramatic
    • Ursuul has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:20Oo1oo2oo3oo4thats probably the reason why it has 8 people
    • 5:20SuperRobot9338YEEEEEHAAAAWWQ
    • 5:20QUEEN AYSHAcuz of smg's bitchiness and then pretending not to be bitchy lol
    • 5:20SuperRobot93388 PEEPS IN CHAT...
    • Ursuul has spawned into the arena! 
    • Teamerz has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:20Oo1oo2oo3oo4why does everyone still care about rifleman
    • 5:20Smgamermat77There's a difference between firmness and bitchiness
    • 5:20QUEEN AYSHASr stop having an aneurysm
    • yeah and you were being bitchy and that's it
    • 5:21Smgamermat77._.
    • Anyways back to reality...
    • 5:21Ursuuldamn Teamerz left
    • 5:21Smgamermat77I know right? I haven't seen chat this full in forever
    • 5:21Ursuulchat lag
    • 5:21QUEEN AYSHAalso wtf Ursuul
    • why were you gone
    • 5:21SuperRobot9338WOW
    • 5:21Ursuulmy chat timed out
    • 5:21Oo1oo2oo3oo4dis chat is becoming like DCOW
    • 5:21UrsuulI was trying to build the freaking infobox
    • 5:21SuperRobot9338THIS IS A FULL HOUSE
    • 5:21Ursuulbecause the theme change was too fast
    • 5:22QUEEN AYSHAare you going to sleep or not make up yur mind
    • 5:22SuperRobot9338
    • 5:22Ursuulnow everyone tell me what the big freaking deal with rifleman is
    • it’s just one dude who posted on SFU’s wall
    • 5:22SuperRobot9338ME TOO
    • 5:22NobellionIM done
    • 5:22QUEEN AYSHAshhhh
    • 5:22SuperRobot9338God no Nobel
    • 5:22NobellionI just posted the codes
    • 5:22QUEEN AYSHAA guy named WATER76 came in chat
    • and he was the guy who went on SFU's wall
    • 5:22Nobellionfor the game button Title
    • 5:23Smgamermat77I could go for some pizza right now...
    • 5:23QUEEN AYSHAbut another guy who did almost the same thing was named FOXTEL24
    • 5:23SuperRobot9338okay
    • 5:23QUEEN AYSHAand he went on tocp and left a message signed -RIFLEMAN
    • that;s not a big deal,
    • 5:23Smgamermat77He left a message on my wiki
    • Time to burn it! >:3
    • 5:24QUEEN AYSHAand neither are the weird timers with the hastag #the return on them
    • 5:24Smgamermat77Well he's forgotten about his own timers TWICE in a row
    • it's safe to say that he's not throwing his own party anymore
    • 5:24Ursuulfine fine fuck I’ll ban him sheesh
    • fucking edgelords come into chat while I’m trying to work
    • Nobellion has been chased away by enemy tanks. 
    • 5:24Ursuulpissing me off
    • 5:24QUEEN AYSHAbut then smg got all bitchy and said she knows what he's doing but she also said it was classified and then got even more bitchy
    • 5:25Ursuulyes yes & now we are back at the drama about Sm again
    • 5:25Smgamermat77Which means don't spazz out in my face.
    • 5:25QUEEN AYSHAso I tried to get her to tell me and she wouldn't and teamerz was there also being salty
    • 5:25Oo1oo2oo3oo4why does so much drama come out of rifleman?
    • 5:25QUEEN AYSHAthen SR came and lost his shit about there being 8 users
    • 5:25Smgamermat77Because SOME PEOPLE don't know when to drop it.
    • 5:25QUEEN AYSHADon't ask that question.
    • Then smg flaunted about how she "threw all the evidence in the trash"
    • and now we're here
    • Nobellion has spawned into the arena! 
    • 5:27QUEEN AYSHA.
    • 5:27Ursuulugh, I leave chat for ten minutes to fix some CSS & already we are back in November again
    • bloody hell
    • 5:27QUEEN AYSHAthat's smg's fault
    • 5:27NobellionSighhh
    • 5:27QUEEN AYSHAno offense
    • 5:27Nobellion:(
    • 5:28Smgamermat77what the - m8 I was just minding my own business before you started screaming in my ears
    • 5:28QUEEN AYSHAshe 's going back to bitchily waxing poetic about shit and being salty
    • >minding own business
    • 5:28SuperRobot9338RIFLEMAN SHALL BURN
    • 5:28Oo1oo2oo3oo4why does everyone still talk about Rifleman? Just ban him, it just takes a few clicks
    • 5:28QUEEN AYSHA>says stuff is classified information and becomes extroardinarily bitchy before my getting mad
    • that;s wat I said Oo1
    • 5:29Smgamermat77Yes - it was rifleman - we all know the guy. Now please kill him so everyone can SHUT UP ALREADY ABOUT SOME 10 YEAR OLD KID Z_Z 
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  • Why did you suspend my resume?

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