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  • I am a Supervisor for Editors in our Activity Feed. I also give specific feedback into what needs improvement for our Editors. == I AM CURRENTLY ON HIATUS FOR AWHILE.

Good/noteworthy Contributors:Edit -- For revamping MANY Strat sections on a major scale - this includes excellent use of grammar and spelling in the process. -- For adding quality content to many galleries and fixing various minor things.

List of users currently under MINOR SURVEILLANCE  by me:Edit -- For posting blatnatly false images and then claiming to staff that the images are real when staff questioned the images. -- For posting blatantly false images. Not sure if this was accidental in origin, or on purpose. -- Has made some questionable edits on various pages. Has also had some edits undone by well known contributors. -- Has downgraded from CONSTANT WATCH due to an absence of recent poor edits. -- Has downgraded from CONSTANT WATCH due to an absence of edits to official pages in general (thus also an absence of poor edits as a result). -- No valid reason as of yet. -- Posted a "bug", but has yet to provide any evidence of it actually existing. The "bug" posted is also barely described by any terms, so it's likelyhood of existing is almost none. -- Redundant edits. -- Has made some unnecessary and poor edits.

List of users currently under CONSTANT WATCH by me:Edit -- For swapping out high quality sentences with ones that have very poor grammar/spelling. -- For deleting the entire Factory page and calling it fake.

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