aka Bob the Skull

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  • I live in Harry Dresden’s basement
  • My occupation is Arcane assistant
  • I am a genderless air spirit
  • Bio Hi lads. I’m mainly a CSS expert / Portability aid on FANDOM, although I occasionally moderate as a GDM too.

    I usually hang out at the Diepio & Dresden Files Wikis, & moderate the Dragon Age Discussions.
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Not all who wander are lost

Greetings & Salutations dear fellows, I am Ursuul. I’m a Senior Administrator here, & I together with Banarama I head this Wiki as its co-leader. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, et cetera, then feel free to leave a message here. I try to answer all of my messages, especially messages on my Talk Page, but I am quite forgetful so feel free to message me twice.

If I’m not available, you can always talk to any of the other Staff. Here is a list of them.

Other means of contact
Soundcloud Discord My Talk Page

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