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Greetings & Salutations dear fellows, I am Ursuul. I’m a Bureaucrat here, & I head this Wiki as its leader. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, et cetera, then feel free to leave a message here. I try to answer all of my messages, especially messages on my Talk Page, but I am quite forgetful so feel free to message me twice.

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  • Ursuul. Do you believe everybody can be a good person as long as they try? Now I do not wanna bring up drama, but do you think SFU deserves another chance? From what I saw from here. He changed a bit. I can't guarantee that he won't cause drama anymore but just to let ya know. Now please don't hate on me. But here he said how this wiki was corrupt, he has some points. Of course hell I stayed here for a long time lol and I never got that kind of drama happening to me but I guess he does take it very seriously and maybe it is his special personailty? (I am still doing mental accessments to him lol) I would have done this for RCD. If fact, RCD has changed a whole lot too. He has his own Discord with 200 people. They all look up to him, so please don't hate on me. Just to tell ya. 

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    Ursuul closed this thread because:
    I don’t want any more drama on my wall. It’s over, the conditions for his unbanning are known, there’s nothing more to say. We wait either for SFU to clean up, or for time to pass.
    23:29, June 25, 2017
    • He definitely seems to be calming down a bit, but we can't be sure. He might just start ranting again (although I hope not) as soon as he's unbanned. But if he keeps showing he can be a calm contributor on TDL, I think we'll let him post on his Message Wall.

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    • Yeh I know lad and DID YOU CHECK OUT THE LINK I SENT YOU IN PM. Ya, I am still trying to give him mental accessments lol.

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    • Didn't see.

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    • @SR: No, we won’t let him post on his Message Wall, because that’ll just be another avenue through which he may cause more problems. Calm he is, but repentant or apologetic he is not. I saw his threads wherein he said basically that he never did anything wrong & that his blogs were the opposite of drama. Until he gets a solid grip on reality & is apologetic for his actions, then he will never be able to amend his ways by any means but time; unless he can accurately address his mistakes & correct them, then the only other way he can be allowed back in is after he had grown up, matured, & let the past go. Hence his 3 year ban that will not be lifted.
      @Moe: No I don’t believe you can be good purely by trying. You can still try & yet fail. Everyone is good in their own eyes, but your actions & conduct are ultimately what you are judged for, & SFU has not conducted himself well. Whether he changed or not I don’t know, but I think it’s more than likely that with his avenues to our Wikis cut off & his audience gone, he has no reason to continue causing drama. He’s made his blogs & that’s it, so why cause any more stir? I have reason to believe that he would continue acting as he had before if he was to be unbanned here, so until he can either address his mistakes or mature enough to move on, the ban stays.
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  • ^Can you feel the angst all the way in West Virginia?

    A lot's been happening. My grammy's been grumbling about Canada being ruined by Justin Trudeau all day, I tried and failed miserably to name all 50 states (I have GREAT geography knowledge for everywhere but the USA: I thought that there was 51 states and that fucking Las Vegas and Atlanta were some of them. I only guessed 24 of them correctly, lmao), and now I'm sitting here talking to you again because my damn earphones won't work with my grammy's shit acer pc, so to listen to music I have to hold up the speaker to my ear.

    I can't believe I haven't realized that you've been so inactive until today. Somehow you've been doing like 2,000 edits per week, yet I feel like you might as well have been on hiatus this past week. You briefly explained to me stuff that was happening a while back: the chance at vanguard, dying at the doctor's clinic, etc., yet I still don't get how you could so swiftly drop off in general activity. I know you're trying, but damn, is it ending any time soon? School ends for me on the 29th, and as soon as the 2nd swings around I'll be completely free, but seeing your state I'm not really all that excited. YouTube and running around are great, but I'm positive I'll get bored of those pretty quick, and what's even the point of going on here for 12 hours if there's basically no one to talk to....?

    On another note though, I'm totally pumped for The Great Merge. This might be my favourite WU yet, especially considering I'll be able to edit so much more now that school's ending. I'm really excited!!!!!

    That's all for now, I'll probably talk to you on Monday (if you're alive). Hope you're doing great,


    P.S: My right shoulder has been twitching/pulsing/idefk what to call it madly all day, and idk what to do about it. I once had physiotherapy done on both my shoulders, all though that one was WAY worse because I permanently threw it out of whack throwing a baseball. Aside from that, I used to walk for 20 mins to school each day until my dad took off Mondays-Wednesdays, and I only stopped having to carry my (heavy!) trumpet on Wednesdays+Thursdays at the beginning of June. My shoulder hasn't bothered me in a while, but when I woke up this morning the twitching was insane. I'm still getting it now, too. It's not like it's painful or anything, it just feels like electrical pulses, or a heartbeat even. It's intermittent in intensity, but always pretty noticeable. Should I tell my grammy about it/massage it/seek more physiotherapy/do something about it or nah? Just asking for advice, thanks.

    P.P.S (pss?): This one song "Dark Necessities" is my total jam now. These 4 kids played it at our final assembly, and I absolutely love it. If you sometimes don't mind Rock N' Roll you should give it a listen.

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    • British Columbia best province, they like the sea so much every big city there has waves in its flag (I think).

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    • but do they put Old Bay on fries & everything else though? That’s the true test of seafarers.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Wwill be inactive even more than usual (dosn't matter anyways)

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  • You should've given me a chance to add some tanks to the Player Tanks category. I'm thinking of adding Mothership to the category but you may revert the edit. Help me I'm starving for article edits!

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  • MediaWiki notifiation glitch



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  • I bet you didn't even notice.

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  • I know more than the school's I.T. guy at coding. Holy crap. I showed him my wiki's common.css, and apparently I'm better than him. And I'm just:
    IMG 0734

    So suprised

    The page sucks!! Look!!


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  • What time is the sandbox that SR did not specify in the Weekly Update

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  • Should it cover the merge only, or also some other stuff?

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  • 🎵But what about tomorrow from 8-10 AM? Do you think thatlll doooo....?🎵

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