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Factory Drones are small controllable Tanks that are even smaller than a level 1 Tank even when the Factory Drone is at level 45. They are spawned by the Factory, which can only spawn up to 6 of them.

A Minion Shooting

A Factory Drone that is shooting.



A level 1 Tank (right) next to a level 45 Factory Drone (left).


A level 1 Factory Drone (right) next to a level 45 Factory Drone (left).

Factory Drones are smaller than Level 1 Tanks and have a similar appearance to the Arena Closers, but are much smaller than the Arena Closers and have a slightly wider Barrel.
A Master's Minions Attacking Several Shapes

A Master’s drones attacking several shapes.



Screenshot 12

The drones when you hold Right Click with them all near each other and with your cursor near them.

They are affected by these Stats:

  • Bullet Penetration increases their Bullet Penetration and Health.
  • Bullet Damage increases their Bullet Damage and Body Damage.
  • Bullet Speed increases their Bullet Speed and Movement Speed.
  • Reload increases their Bullet Reload and respawn rate.

Non-upgraded drones have roughly 8-12 health points. Their Bullets are about as large as the Gunner’s Bullets (slightly larger). Their Body Damage is higher than a Drones body damage; however, the drones are approximately as slow as a Mothership. Upon contact with the walls of the Maze game mode, the drones will die.


The behavior and control of drones is similar to that of Drones, but slightly different in behavior as they do not chiefly use melee attacks.

  • When Auto Fire is off and there are no nearby available targets, they will orbit the player, similar to Drones but further from the player. They can still be forced to go in a certain direction by left-clicking or the Space bar.
  • When in Auto Fire mode, the drones will target where the player moves their mouse, and shoot away if the player right-clicks or uses Shift.
  • When Auto fire is on, and the cursor is placed on a polygon or a player, the drones will stay a certain distance away from the target.


  • Since November 19th, players on your team can spawn from the Factory, but they won’t be Factory Drones.
    • This is only available in team games.
  • Factory Drones used to be fully automatic back when the Factory was named Master, but then it was changed later because the AI was flawed.


  • Factory Drones from a Level 1 Factory are slightly smaller than a background grid square.
  • Even though almost all Stat upgrades are transferred to the drones instantly, they won't change size as you level up until they respawn (that can be tested in Sandbox).
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