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Not to be confused with Ball, which shares an identical design with the Mounted Turret.

The Mounted Turret was a Tier 3/Level 30 class that was removed 10 minutes after its release. It was a way to control Auto Turrets mounted on top of a teammate while close to him/her. (Auto Trapper, Auto Gunner, and Auto Smasher.) This was achievable by pressing H (Similar to controlling a Dominator).

Design Edit

Like an Auto Turret mounted on top of a tank. When the parent tank was killed, the death screen of the person controlling the mounted turret would show their tank as a circle named “Mounted Turret”.

Strategy Edit

No Strong Against or Weak Against because it is whatever the parent tank's strengths and weaknesses are.

Auto Gunner Edit

If the parent tank is an Auto Gunner, shoot in the same direction as the parent tank is. It's FOV should be higher, so try to alert that tank of any enemies. By shooting in the same direction, it is able to increase the Auto Gunner's effectiveness in RoF and DPS, and therefore it will deal more damage to enemies and is better at blocking enemy fire.

Auto Trapper Edit

If the parent tank happens to be an Auto Trapper, do the same with Auto Gunner, but if an enemy tank approaches, shoot at it. SHOOT. Also, like the normal Auto Turret on the Auto Trapper, it should prioritize tanks over everything else, even Crashers unless the parent tank is very weak and has little health.

Auto Smasher Edit

Same as AI.

Trivia Edit

  • It was most likely removed due to Multi-Boxing.
    • Multi-boxing is the action of one player playing as multiple entities.
  • Accessing the Mounted Turret is use with the same method as accessing a Dominator.
  • Many people think the “Ball” shares some connection with this update, as you could press “\” in Sandbox for a tank that looks like a circle and nothing more.
  • In even though it has been removed, it will say "Someone has already taken that tank" when you press H, possibly referring to the AI, unless you are playing Domination mode.
  • It was the shortest lived tank in the game, it could be the developer testing new features.

History Edit

  • It was added in the November 19th 2016 update, but it only lasted 10 minutes before being removed from the game.

References Edit

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