Wikia Guardian “This nest is my property!” This fanon article (a fictional idea for the game) is authored by Tacocat247. Please do not edit this page without their permission. LE TANKBULB V2
%_ ^^&( is an AI controlled boss tank added on April 8 2017. %_ ^^&( has a rare chance to spawn every 10 minutes.

Design Edit

%_ ^^&( is a photonegative tank that rapidley switches between Assassin and Penta Shot.

Technical Edit

Thank god its not as complex as last time *cough*

%_ ^^&(, as an Assassin, it increases FOV, bullet damage, but lowers speed. %_ ^^&(, as a Penta Shot, adds five cannons. The cannons have good accuracy. It has a high bullet speed and reload but has a lower bullet penetration and damage. It has recoil that slightly speeds the tank up when shooting in the opposing direction.

Strategy Edit

  • Strong Against: Every Tank.
  • Weak Against: Hoards of Level 45 tanks.

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