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The Octo Tank is one of the two current final Upgrades from the Quad Tank and is available to upgrade at Level 45. It cannot upgrade any further. On July 30th, 2016 both it and the Triple Twin’s projectile health was nerfed.

Design Edit

The Octo Tank features a circular body surrounded by eight evenly spaced Cannons (spaced exactly 45 degrees apart) that look exactly like Basic Tank Cannons.

Technical Edit

Upon Upgrading:

  • Bullet Damage is decreased.

Strategy Edit

  • Strong Against: Multiple enemies, slow melee tanks, Drone wielding tanks but Factory.
  • Weak Against: High DPS, tanks with focused fire, Destroyer branch, fast melee tanks.

As the Octo Tank Edit

  • Recommended builds for the Octo Tank include glass cannons or hurricane builds. A glass cannon build concentrates on Bullets and not on health Stats, and is vulnerable to fast moving rammers such as the Booster. Using C+E is highly recommended to create nigh impenetrable zones of bullets. This works well when farming Polygons, too.
  • An Octo Tank with Hurricane build will give up Bullet Speed in favor of Health. Users of these builds can generally defend well against anything, but are vulnerable to Machine Guns, Gunners, and any other tanks with high Reload and maximum Bullet Penetration.
  • Unprepared players from the Tri-Angle branch, Sniper branch, or even a Smasher branch can be easily destroyed by an Octo Tank without taking much damage in return, due to the Octo Tank’s massive firepower.
  • Due to its number of cannons, spinning can make it real hard to dodge an Octo Tank’s bullet stream. Which can be effective against snipers and drone classes or when trying to find invisible tanks such as the Landmine.
  • You can counter low-Level Snipers with not fully upgraded Bullet Stats, but not Destroyers, Hybrids, or Annihilators.
  • Beware that the Octo Tank only fires one Bullet in each direction, so it usually won’t be easy to combat high RoF tanks, such as the Machine Gun, Sprayer or Triplet, unless you stack your cannons: By spinning at certains speeds, your cannons will overlap, spawning bullets in a more focused manner. And making it easier to fight this kind of tanks.
  • As the Octo Tank in any team mode, if you max Bullet stats and head to the Pentagon Nest, you can act as a shield for the whole area. An Octo Tank needs its team or else it will be vulnerable to high RoF tanks and teams.
  • In Team modes, try to make a team that includes at least one Trapper, one high DPS tank like the Triplet, and one Drone user. This will maximize your chances of survival, as these are all tanks you would have trouble killing if they were the enemy.
  • Players should get at least 3 or 4 people on their team to gather near the enemy base, and become Octo Tank. Then, they should turn on Auto Spin and Auto Fire. This will force newly spawned players to stay in their base, while others can kill the better players on the enemy team. Be wary; this may cause a degree of lag. Even Triplets and Sprayers will be unable to touch the team, and only another team of high RoF (Rate of Fire) tanks will be able to counter the Octo Tanks.
  • This tank is suitable to play in the FFA gamemode because with eight cannons, it is able to counter multiple enemies at once. The cascade of bullets also tend to "steal" kills, which makes it great for search-and-destroy play styles.
  • The Octo Tank is also a good choice in Survival, as the bullet storm can take down most enemies from upgrading to a class that may take down an Octo Tank like the Annihilator or Triplet.

Against the Octo Tank Edit

  • The class can be difficult to approach due to the Cannons surrounding it, that make it harder to hit. However, the tank also lacks focused fire, because of this– the easiest way of defeating an Octo Tank is to use focused firing tanks with maxed out bullet stats.
  • To counter an Octo Tank, use tanks from the Destroyer or Sniper branches. The Octo Tank’s bullets can’t block the destroyer or sniper’s stronger ones, which can make it easier for you to hit and kill the class.
  • Alternatively, skilled Tri-Angle branches can dodge the storm of Bullets, and ram or bullet-ram the Octo Tank between the Cannons. Beware when there are other tanks around, as ramming the Octo Tank will leave you low on health.
  • An Overlord or Overseer can use their Drones to flank the Octo Tank through the gap between its Cannons, but most of the time, if the Octo Tank has high movement speed, it can be difficult to do this.
  • Using tanks like Triple Twin or Basic Tank is acceptable against an Octo Tank, however, because a the classes’ Bullet Penetration and Damage being lower than that of a Twin’s, it isn’t really recommended.
  • Penta Shots work quite well against Octo Tanks. The high DPS and slightly-concentrated fire of the Penta Shot can easily out-penetrate the Octo Tank’s, while decreasing the chances of flanking if/when the Octo Tank does Auto Spin and Auto Fire.
  • The Factory can create bullet walls capable of piercing through the Octo Tank’s defense, while using the drones as cover at the same time.

History Edit

  • From April 15th, 2016, to April 17th, 2016, the Max Level was 60, and the path to get the Octo Tank was as follows: TankTwinTriple ShotQuad Tank → Octo Tank.
    • Therefore, at that time it was a Tier 5 tank.
  • Before August 15th, it branched off the Twin Flank at Level 45, it was then removed by it’s upgrade and replaced with Battleship. It now only branches off Quad Tank.

Trivia Edit

  • The Octo Tank has the second most Cannons out of all tanks.


Footnotes Edit

  1. Originally classified as a Tier 5 Tank.
  2. Upgrade option removed.
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