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  1. Don’t Spam.
  2. Don’t Harass.
  3. Don’t use alts to break the rules.

That’s essentially all you need to know. If you’d like details about what constitutes each offense, keep reading.

What is Spam?
  1. Posting excessive amounts of emotes in a crowded chat so that it becomes disruptive (Mods decide what constitutes disruption; there will be no more lawyering, their word is final).
  2. Posting excessive walls of irrelevant text in a crowded chat to the point where it becomes disruptive.
  3. Posting obnoxious Zalgo.
  4. Excessively posting Party Links (unless requested by another user).
  5. Repetitively posting external links.
  6. Posting Malware or download links.
  7. Posting pornographic links.
  8. Anything else a Mod deems to fall into this category.
What is Harassment?
  1. Insulting people directly, either with full intent to cause emotional harm or excessive repetition.
  2. Continually trying to talk to someone who doesn’t want to talk to you.
  3. The use of racial expletives (only when directed at people; you can quote them without penalty).
  4. Stalking.
  5. Anything else that a Mod deems to be harassment of others.
What is rule three?
If you use an Alt to enter chat after you’ve been banned either site-wide, on chat, or if it is used to impersonate someone else, then that breaks rule three & that alt will be perma-banned across the Wikia.

Punishments are entirely up to local Moderators based on the situation, so they can vary wildly by their discretion, but there are some commonalities listed here:

Breaking Rule One
You will typically be kicked as a warning. Repeat offenses leads to a short ban.
Breaking Rule Two
You will typically be banned, usually for 1-7 days.
Breaking Rule Three
Your alternate accounts will be given infinite blocks & your main account will receive a Chat Ban with a length of around one-month-per-sockpuppet-found.
Repeat offenses
Punishments increase exponentially for repeat offenders, culminating in an infinite ban from Chat.

Typically, you must wait until your ban expires, but sometimes you can get unbanned early:

A Mod banned me & I want to appeal
Politely ask the Mod who banned you (listed here) if they are willing to remove or shorten your ban.
They may decline, in which case you must wait until it naturally expires.
I was accidentally auto-banned by the Chat Bot
Contact a Senior Administrator. Give them as much information as you can.
I believe the Mod who banned me is being abusive
Contact a Community Administrator (or Senior Administrator if the abusive Mod is a Community Administrator) with your information & the day of the abuse. Screenshots are not necessary, since our Staff use Chat Logs to record all chat activities.

It must be noted that in Private Messaging (PM) the policies are effectively nonexistent, so acceptable content should be decided by mutual agreement between the messaging parties. If you have an issue with someone PMing you, you should block their PM via the right rail in chat. If they pester you to unblock them, it can be considered harassment & they will be removed from chat if reported.

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