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  1. Don’t Spam.
  2. Don’t Harass.
  3. Don’t use alts to break the rules.

That’s essentially all you need to know. If you’d like details about what constitutes each offense, keep reading.

  1. Posting excessive amounts of emotes in a crowded chat so that it becomes disruptive (Mods decide what constitutes disruption; there will be no more lawyering, their word is final).
  2. Posting excessive walls of irrelevant text in a crowded chat to the point where it becomes disruptive.
  3. Posting obnoxious Zalgo.
  4. Excessively posting Party Links (unless requested by another user).
  5. Repetitively posting external links.
  6. Posting Malware or download links.
  7. Posting pornographic links.
  8. Anything else a Mod deems to fall into this category.

  1. Insulting people directly, either with full intent to cause emotional harm or excessive repetition.
  2. Continually trying to talk to someone who doesn’t want to talk to you.
  3. The use of racial expletives (only when directed at people; you can quote them without penalty).
  4. Stalking.
  5. Anything else that a Mod deems to be harassment of others.

If you use an Alt to enter chat after you’ve been banned either site-wide, on chat, or if it is used to impersonate someone else, then that breaks rule three & that alt will be perma-banned across the Wiki.

You will be banned if you cause continual or severe issues in chat. The ban lengths & ban reasons are not standard, & are totally up to the Mod levying the ban, but there are some commonalities listed here.

Breaking Rule One
If you break rule one, by spamming, you will be kicked from Chat. If you break it three or more times, then you will almost always be banned, but it’s ultimately up to Mods to decide. Spam bans generally range from two hours to three days, but can be longer if it’s a repeated offense.

Breaking Rule Two
In breaking rule two, by harassing, you will almost always be automatically banned. Generally, harassment bans last anywhere from one day to a full week, though Mods may rarely decide that lengthier or shorter bans are more appropriate, or they may simply use a kick if they feel the violation is light enough.

Breaking Rule Three
Breaking rule three, by using sockpuppets, automatically results in a permanent ban of the sockpuppet, not only from chat, but on the entirety of the Wiki. The main account responsible for making the sockpuppet will receive a chat ban of about one-month-per-sockpuppet-found, but this is up to the Mods as usual. Repeatedly employing alts in this fashion can result in a permanent chat ban for the main account, or even a full ban if that does not solve the problem.

These bans will only be rescinded if proof of innocence can be brought to an Administrator.

Get screenshots, unless it was outside of PM (we have Logs for that), but Screenshots are still useful as we can’t see kicks or bans. If you feel a Mod abused their power, then tell an Admin & they will decide if it is abuse or not. Their word will be final, as will their decided punishments be. If the person you think is abusive IS an Admin, then report to a Senior Administrator with your screenshots & evidence; they will adjudicate, & their say will be ultimate.

In PM, the rules are generally more lenient and acceptable content should be decided by mutual agreement between the messaging parties. However, if one user complains of harassment, Mods will decide a punishment based on the standard rules, screenshots, and their own good sense.

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