Talk PageThe Wikia Discord is a Discord server for the Wikia, founded by Captain Hayden & owned by Ursuul. It is a server by & for editors of this Wiki, so though all are welcome, the primary focus is,, & the betterment of this Wiki.

How to join

  1. Register your account on Discord if you don’t have one already.[1]
  2. Make sure you have a FANDOM account, or register one if you don’t.[2]
  3. Join using this invite link, or via the “Connect” button on the right hand side of each Wiki-page.
  4. Post a link to your FANDOM user-page in #welcome so that you may be verified & given access to the rest of the server; unverified users are kicked from the server after a few days.


The Bridge

The Bridge, also known as the Chat Bridge, is a unique bot operated by Ursuul that allows communication between the Chat on this Wiki & Discord users in the #chat-bridge channel. Messages posted in the Chat are sent to the #chat-bridge, displaying the username of the person who posted the message, while messages posted in the #chat-bridge are sent to the Chat by the bot user Özün Oldun, again displaying the username of the person who posted the message. This allows two-way communication between the two platforms.

While users must be verified to join the Wikia Discord server & use the #chat-bridge channel, any FANDOM user can join our Chat & use The Bridge to communicate with users in the Discord. This allows people who don’t want to go to the hassle of joining the server to still take advantage of it.

Discussions Feed

Whenever threads & replies are posted in Discussions, a web hook operated by KockaAdmiralac notifies the #discussions-feed channel with links to the posts, allowing Discord users to keep up with conversations in Discussions.


The Community Cooperation Initiative, abbreviated as DCCI, is a group of Discord communities working together. As a member of DCCI Satellites, this server utilizes the DCCI bot to present up-to-date links leading to affiliated Discord servers in the #dcci-portal & #dcci-satellite-portal channels (invite links are also included below), while #dcci-news has automated announcements for the organization.

Vanilla bots

Vanilla Discord bots within the server include:

Channel topics — public

Main category
On Topic category
Projects category
Off Topic category
  • #off-topic — A place to goof off; anything goes except spam.
  • #music — A place to share & discuss good music.
  • #bot-stuffs — The only channel where bot commands may be executed.
  • Two voice chats for bot music.
Activity Logs category

Channel topics — private

  1. #mature-discussion
    • This is not a porn channel, but more risqué discussions & images can be posted here. Namely, politics or other mature topics.
    • Gain access by requesting the sekrit role from @Welcomers.
  2. #vip-lounge
    • A private lounge for mature discussion amongst individuals possessing VIP status.
    • Gain access by DMing an Administrator if you are in one of the VIP groups.
  3. #staff-lounge
  4. #code-admin-den
  5. #com-admin-cabal


Emergency pings
  • @Admins — includes @Senior Admins & @Community Admins, for extreme situations.
  • @Mods — includes all Wiki Staff & more, for very serious Discord-only disruptions.
Wiki Staff
  • Discord Mods — trusted users who have moderation rights on the server, yet aren’t Wiki Staff.
  • Emote Managers — can add emotes.
  • sekrit — can access #mature-discussion; request @Welcomers for this role.
  • chat-banned — used to ban people from using the #chat-bridge in order to enforce local Chat Bans.
  • Members — users that have been verified & thus have full server access.
  • Unverified — users that have not been verified & thus do not have full server access. Unverified users are kicked from the server if they are not verified within a few days.


  1. Curses are acceptable in moderation; extreme profanity is disallowed.
  2. Adult content is permitted only in the #mature-discussion channel.[6]
  3. Stay on-topic for the channel you are posting in. If you are unsure of where to post, read the channel description, look up the channel in #info, or read above. If you are still confused, ask in #general.
  4. Do not spam; be it via text, images, or reactions.

Warnings are given for offenses, but repeat offenders are kicked from the server.

Other servers

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  1. You can download a client later for the device you are on.
  2. Alternatively, if you are a member of any DCCI Discords ( Discord servers), then you do not need a FANDOM account.
  3. Specifically, Mee6 commands can only be used outside the #bot-stuffs channel by those with Moderator privileges to perform moderation-related tasks. Within that channel however, normal users can use Mee6 query commands such as !role-info, !server-info, & !user-info. Mee6 will also automatically perform some cleanup in any channel it has access to.
  4. @here is used often, because this is a server dedicated to the Wikia & made up of the Wikia’s editors. Therefore, your very presence is indication that you want Wiki-related news. If not, you can suppress @here in settings.
  5. To acquire the YouTubers role, your YouTube channel must have a minimum of 100 subscribers for Wiki editors, or 1,000 subscribers for non-editors.
  6. #mature-discussion is inaccessible unless you request access to it.