The Policies of the Conception side of the Wikia community exist to clarify principles, end conflict within the community, & raise standards of concepting.

All Fanon articles must meet the following standards. If they do not meet these standards, a Staff member will move the article to the User namespace, unless the problem can be easily fixed by someone other than its creator. Note that a grace time of a few days is generally granted before new conceptions are moved.

Title Edit

All Fanon articles must be in either the Concept, OP Concept, or Tale of Diep namespace. This can be easily done when creating a page by writing Namespace:YourPageName. Of course, change "Namespace" to one of the three mentioned above & create an original title. Note that you must get permission from Zathsu to put a conception in the Tale of Diep namespace; the rest are open to the public.

Text Edit

All Fanon articles must contain:

  • The {{Author}} template or the correctly used {{Fanon}} template.
  • Either one infobox or two images.
  • Three inline links (navbox or infobox links do not count).
  • At least three sections, with a minimum of two sentences in each section.
  • At least eight sentences total.

Any sexual, racist, extremist, hate-driven, or off-topic content is unacceptable & will be removed.

Fanon articles should also meet the Style Guide whenever possible.

Categories Edit

All Fanon articles must be properly categorized. This includes Category:Fanon & Category:Fanon Conceptions (if in the Concept namespace), as well as more specific categories depending on the article. Users should not create their own categories unless given permission by an Admin, & should instead use preexisting categories.

The following are offenses related to Fanon articles that are prohibited & may (depending on the offense) result in a warning or even a ban.

Content Edit

Fanon articles containing sexual, racist, extremist, or hate-driven content will be deleted & the user will be banned.

Random & unrelated content will be removed from Fanon articles.

Pages containing just a picture or Fantasy Tank Builder code will be moved immediately to the User namespace.

Editing without permission Edit

Unless otherwise stated, all Fanon articles are the private work of a certain user (or collaboration of users). As such, please do not edit their conceptions unless:

  • The page or a part of the page is considered Public, meaning anyone can edit it.
  • Categories or the {{Author}} template are being added or removed.
  • A grammar or spelling error is being fixed. If so, please note that in the Edit Changes bar.

Note that conceptions made by anonymous users must have {{Public}}, since we have no way of telling the difference between anonymous users.

Plagiarism Edit

In the same vein as the above, users may not take the work of other users & create their own versions under the same name. There is thin tolerance for building off of the work of others, provided that attribution is present, but using the same title & mirroring the concept with few variations is not acceptable.

Pages that violate this rule will not be moved to the User namespace, but will instead be deleted outright.

In order to breathe life into old conceptions, users may request to adopt conceptions under certain terms. Not following these terms can result in a warning.

How to adopt Edit

Before you do anything, ask the original author for permission. You can only adopt the page with their permission (unless they have not edited for over 30 days or do not respond after a week). Once you have permission, change the page as you wish. Don't forget to add the {{Adopted}} template.

Keep in mind that the original author can revoke the adoption at any time.

Users are welcome to make unique Templates. However, all templates must be properly categorized. If not, an Admin will delete it.

Categorization of Infoboxes Edit

In source editor, write <noinclude>[[Category:Fanon Templates]][[Category:Infobox Templates]][[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>. Your template should now be properly categorized!

Categorization of Navboxes Edit

In source editor, write <noinclude>[[Category:Personal Templates]][[Category:Navbox Templates]][[Category:Fanon Templates]][[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>. Your template should now be properly categorized!

Categorization of Other Templates Edit

In source editor, write <noinclude>[[Category:Fanon Templates]][[Category:Templates]]</noinclude>. You may also need to add Category:Notice templates, depending on the case. Your template should now be properly categorized!

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