1. Don’t post Category Templates.
  2. Don’t intentionally cause drama or harass.
  3. Don’t spam.

Those are the essential rules you need to know, but you may read more if you wish. They apply to Article Comments & to Staff Blog Comments. Also note that necroposting is allowed in Comment Sections.

What are Category Templates?

Templates such as {{Talk}}, {{Stub}}, & {{Cleanup}} categorize the page they are on into certain categories. This is bad because it fills up those categories with comments instead of actual pages. Comments with these templates in them may have said templates edited out or have the entire comment be deleted without warning.

What is Drama?

  1. Casting aspersions at an individual’s character or integrity instead of honestly discussing whatever issue you have.
  2. Randomly making posts about a single user instead of contacting them directly or talking to Staff about your grievance.
  3. Fear mongering over vandals; being frank about the threats they pose is one thing, spreading fear & hysteria is quite another.
  4. Longwinded arguments between two users that are completely unrelated to Wikia or; keep that on Message Walls & User Talk Pages.
  5. Anything else a Moderator deems to fall into this category.

What is Harassment?

  1. Posting extreme swears or racial slurs with intent to insult.
  2. Continually acting in a disparaging or otherwise rude manner toward other users.
  3. Attempting to attract the attention of users who do not want to talk to you by replying to all of their comments.
  4. Anything else a Moderator deems to fall into this category.

What is Spam?

  1. Posting Walls of gobbledygook, such as:
    • Text in different languages with no one else who comprehends them,
    • Zalgo,
    • Multiple Templates,
    • Copypastas,
    • Blank space
  2. Posting the same thing multiple times or in multiple Comment Sections.
  3. Posting party links for
  4. Posting Malware or download links.
  5. Posting invisible autoplay modules.
  6. Anything else a Moderator deems to fall into this category.

What are the consequences for violating these rules?

Generally, violation of Commenting Rules is a very minor infraction which results only in your comment being deleted or edited. Incessant violations may result in a warning or a short ban however.

User Blog Comments

Main article: Help:Blogs

All of the above rules are suspended on User Blogs, & are enforced by Staff only if the Blog is a Wiki Update. The owner of each Blog may make the rules (within reason) for their own Blog, if they should desire any, & Staff not only respect but enforce those rules if the owner should complain that they have been broken; such violations are treated as harassment & penalties are decided on a case-by-case basis.

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